A few weeks ago I was getting ready to start my road trip to Chicago. I started flipping through my CD's for something new to listen to since Blueprint 3 needed a break. I came across Kanye West's Late Registration (the real CD not a burnt copy) and had to bump it. After rapping along for over an hour and fast forwarding over the few dry spots I thought to myself "that album was the sh*t". A great album from front to back. That can be said for most of Kanye's albums. (I do not have any idea about 808 and Heartbreaks since my ears, mind and musical soul boycotted the album). However my two hour road trip with the Late Registration Kanye West made something painfully obvious...

We, ladies and gentlemen with our own eyes are watching the fall of Mr. West; in part to EGO and musical lane shifting.

He hinted that his ego was out of control years ago but we didn't listen. We said that's just Kanye being Kanye and let him get away with all kinds of silly sh*t. First he told us Bush didn't like black people, maybe...... But then he went crazy on every award show and acted like a child when he didn't win. We all know about the Taylor Swift incident but his latest blunder is mind bending. Kanye now thinks that if they rewrote a modern day Bible he should be in it. WOW!! We are the only ones to blame for this since we didn't shut him down sooner.

I'm all for artistic growth and keeping it moving but stay within your lane. I want my rappers to rap and my R&B singers to sing, simple. Don't go switching lanes at high speeds nothing good will come of it. 808 and Heartbreaks sold and he got some awards, which only made the ego worst. But history has proven time and time again. that every rapper that starts going soft and singing will fail. Bone Thugs Crossroads was a big hit and downhill from there. Ja Rule had one two many duets and look at him now. Even 50 who came in the game making funny of Ja's singing started singing and guess what, downhill. No tight pants, no mullet jheri curl looking thingy or sunglasses with lines in them just good music please. It's not too late for him to calm it down, get back to rapping and dating chicks like Amber Rose. He does that and everything will be all good.

But that's just my thought.

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