There are various methods of building a relationship with the people who are around you. In fact communicating with people around you will help to have a better relationship with them. This is because communication builds a bridge between the two people who are communicating. The bridge that is build during the initial communication gets strengthened over time and it becomes a strong bond that forms between the two people. This is the method in which communication can build a relationship between two people.

The various methods of building a relationship are as follows:

1. Genuine interest in other person:

If you have a genuine interest in the other person, then there will surely be a bond that is shared between the two of you,. This genuine interest in the other person makes you to communicate more with the person and this can again get you both to become close to each other by sharing your secrets and also likes and dislikes.

2. Call people by their names:

When you are in a conversation with another person, using the name of the person while talking will help you to build a better relationship with that person than when you are not talking to the person without using their name. When you us their names in the conversation, it helps to create a bond between the two of you.

3. Talk about other person's interest:

As you talk to another person and communicate, it is very important that you stop talking about yourself. One of the greatest barriers to communication is that all of us like to talk about ourselves. Instead, if you are able to talk about the other person or the interests of the person you are talking to, then it is the best thing that can happen and you will be able to build a relationship from that point on.

4. Talk less about yourself:

Try to talk less about yourself when you are in a conversation with another person and this will help you to become a better communicator. It will also help to get the two people who are talking to get closer to each other.

5. Smile:

Smile when you are communicating with another person, unless it is about something serious. A smile in your conversation will help you to be able to build a better relationship with another person. If you do not smile and are always serious, it causes the break down of conversation and you do not look inviting enough to build a relationship.

6. Listen:

Listening is a very important aspect of communication and will go a long way in creating new paths for communication and also building a relationship. Listening is one of the basic aspects of communication. You should be able to not only listen without feeling, but communicate to the other person that you are also understanding what is being said.

These are some of the most important methods that you can use in your quest to build a relationship with another person by just communicating with the person.

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