Commitment is one of the basic foundations of each and every relationship. In married life commitment is even more important because by getting married to each other, two people promise to live the rest of their life together forever. So without loyalty this divine relationship cannot exist. Each and every one should be aware of the methods of being committed to his/her partner.

Commitment is something very easy to offer but hard to keep. Your single mistake can break the foundation of your relationship. Nowadays rate of divorce is increasing day by day both in Eastern and Western world. The reason behind this is lack of commitment towards each other.

The first tip for being committed to your spouse is not hiding anything from each other. If you had any past romantic relationship, share that with your spouse (if your spouse is like minded). Hiding about your past relationship can create long term problem in your relation. Try to be your spouse's friend with whom you can share everything and vice versa. Distance is not expected in any healthy relationship. After coming back from office try to share the events of your day with your spouse and also ask him/her about his/her day.

Introduce your friends and colleagues to your spouse. If you have any friends' hang out or official parties take your spouse with you. By this, your spouse will come to know about your surroundings other than him/her and would be more comfortable about your social life.

Try to celebrate the special days like marriage ceremonies, birthdays etc. in an exceptional way. If your spouse likes surprises, then you can throw a surprise party on his/her birthday. If s/he prefers homely parties then arrange a family party or a celebration that includes just the two of you.

In the present era, everyone is busy with their own career. Everyone is becoming more self-centered day by day. Go for vacations and forget about all the pressures and hectic schedule. Spend some days of your own. Hectic schedule does not give us the chance to express our true feeling to our loved one. If long vacation is not possible then at least go for a long drive. These kinds of outings always help to improve your relationship with your spouse.

Express your feelings. Say "I love you" frequently. There is no embarrassment in that. Especially in Eastern conservative culture people usually do not say these words to their spouses. This is not good and if you do not love your spouse it is hard to sustain the relationship. And if you love your wife or husband, then expressing that feeling is not a matter of shame. In fact this should let your partner know about your feelings, emotions for him/her.

Never humiliate your partner in front of anyone. This will never solve the problem. Rather share the problem personally with him/her. Try to solve it together and by doing so, your relationship would be much stronger.

A relationship is like building a house. You need to have foundation for that and you need to furnish it with the required furniture as well. So try to garnish your relationship by being committed to your wife and enjoy a healthy married life.

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