Lady Gaga!

She is the weirdest of any celebrities in most peoples opinion, mainly because of these freaky outfits..That she makes look sweet!

It's easy to say that 4 years ago that no one knew this ''Lady Gaga''. But in one episode of ''The Hills'', she gets more popular, makes a music video and becomes so popular. She just keeps coming!

Born in New York, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta always dreamed of being famous. She began with rock with small gigs and New York. In 2003,she enrolled at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Lady Gaga captured the eye of Akon and he got her a recording contract. From then she was known as Lady Gaga.

Released on August 19, 2008, her #1 album, The Fame, reached number one in the UK, Canada, Austria, Germany and Ireland, and reached the top-ten in numerous countries worldwide; in the United States, it hit at two on the Billboard 200 chart and got on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Her outfits,she once wore hundreds of Kermit's! What? Gun bra, phones, bottles, table clothes...? Yes,she has wore all of these outfits...and there are definitely more to come. And the weird thing is that she's a fashion icon! Also most people think her outfits are the best thing ever invented.

Well, she inspires a lot of Halloween costumes! Who wants to be the poker face?

Bonus fact:''Bad Romance'' is one of the most watched video EVER on Youtube!

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