Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The lace is considered to be the roof of the world. The place is full of many Buddhist monasteries. Other than the Buddhist monasteries, the main reason for people to visit the place is the beauty of the landscape. There are many other places of interest in and around Ladakh.

Many national monuments are located in this place and these places are all maintained by the Archeological Society of the country. The many monasteries in and around Ladakh are well known for their beautiful architecture. If you are a person who likes to admire such buildings, then you will love the place more.

Ladakh is also famous because of the capital Leh. Leh is home to some of the well known monasteries, stupas, palaces and other structures. The most important of these palaces is the Lhachen Palkhar. This palace is also commonly known as the Leh Palace. The 9 storied palace is one of the biggest and the best.

Other Monasteries:

Some of the other important and famous monasteries are the Shey monastery, Tresthang monastery, Thiksay monastery, Stakna monastery, Hemis, Chemday, Takthok, Matho, Spituk and other monasteries. Each of these monasteries is located in various places in and around Leh in Ladakh.


Just like any place that is full of religious buildings and monasteries, Ladakh is a place that is also home to some of the well known festivals and fairs. These events are not only attended by the local people, but all the other people from various places visit Ladakh during the time of these festivals. The Ladakh festival is very famous and it is organized each year in the month of September. This festival is organized by the Department of Tourism to attract more tourists. Buddha Mahaotsava Festival was a two day festival that was held in the year 2001. Each year, many of the monasteries hold festivals and these are colorful events that attract more tourists.

Other places that can be visited near Ladakh

Nubra Valley:

This is a place that is fondly called as the Valley of flowers. This is a valley in the Himalayan range that is present between the mountains of Karakoram and Ladakh. The area is very fertile and so there are many flowers that bloom here. This is the reason for the name that was given to this place. The motorable pass that is present at the highest altitude is located here and that is the Khardongla pass, which is located at a height of about 18, 383 feet. Some of the best tourist attractions here are the trekking, rafting, camel safari and the hot springs that are located here.

The Pangong lake and the Tsomo Riri Lakes are the two most beautiful lakes that are located here. They add to the beauty of the place. Some of the important wildlife that can be seen around the area include the Wild ass, the snow leopard and many species of wild birds that migrate to this area for a brief period.

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