Kumarakom is a place that is well known and is a hot spot on the tourist destinations in India. There are some important aspects that every tourist should know about this place. Many would have heard of the mangrove forests of West Bengal, but Kumarakom is another place that may not have a mangrove but is as well known for the flora and fauna as the mangroves of West Bengal. Kerala is well known for the backwaters and this place has become famous because of the backwaters.

There are a lot of animal life, plant life and bird life that abounds in this area. Kumarakom is a small area and is only about 30 square kilometers. The normal range of temperature here would be anywhere between 16 to 37 degrees Celsius. June, July and August are the best 3 months that can be used for visiting this unique place in Gods own country.

Kumarakom is full of plant and animal life and this is what makes the land to be special. The lovely forest has many streams that go through them. There are coconut trees that dot the landscape too.

There are some amazing places that you can enjoy in Kumarakom. They are as follows:

The Kumarakom bird sanctuary

The Vembanad Lake house is a important place in Kumarakom and the bird sanctuary is actually on the banks of this lake house. There are many migratory birds that reach the sanctuary on their path. Some of the well known birds that reach the Kumarakom bird sanctuary include the Siberian stork and darters. Other birds include egrets, herons, teals and many more.

Reaching Kumarakom:

The nearest town is Kottayam which is about 16 kilometers from Kumarakom. Though you can take a train to Kottayam and drive from there to Kumarakom, you can also reach Kerala in any of the many flights that reach Trivandrum or Cochin.

The backwaters have made not only Kumarakom famous, but have made the whole of Kerala into a tourism destination. The lush fields and the greenery that is seen in the place are mainly because of the backwaters. In Kumarakom, the Vembanad lake has a lot of canals that start from it. As these streams meander through the forests, it creates a beautiful and picturesque landscape that really feels like the country of God! The presence of the various streams adds to the beauty of the place.


The presence of backwaters and other streams also gives rise to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. The Aruvikkizhi waterfalls is not only a place well visited by tourists because of its beauty, but also because of the fact that there are various streams that flow from and to the waterfalls that makes it to be a breathtaking view.

There is an island on the Vembanad lake and this place can only be visited by boat. This island is the place where many birds that are on their migration rest for a few weeks before continuing their journey. This along with the bird sanctuary will make any bird lover to simple love the place.

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