Kulu and Manali are two different places situated in the Himalayan slopes. Foreigners as well as Indians frequent the places. It is also said to be the honeymoon paradise. We can see snowcapped Himalayan peaks from these places. This place is on the tourist map of many tourists because of the amazing scenic beauty of this place. The Himalayas are said to be the most beautiful mountains in the world. Kulu and Manali add to the beauty of the place.

Some of the most important places that every tourist needs to visit in the place are:

River Beas:

The river flows through these places giving a grand spectacle. The transparent water flows through rocks and stones. The tourism Department of the country is arranging rafting in the river for the visiting tourists that is memorable in their lifetime. The rafting experience is exhilarating. There are many people who raft on the water for the first time in their lives. This makes a visit to this place into a truly amazing experience.

Apple orchards:

Apple orchards are seen wherever we go. Wholesale apple markets are seen in these places and traders from all over India come here to procure apples.


On the way to Manali, there is a place called Manikiran, where we can see hot water springs. Though icy water flows down from the Himalayas, hot boiling water comes out at Manikaran in many places. One sikh guruduwara is situated in this place and many hot water springs are found there. Some of the tourists even cook rice in the boiling water of the springs in the guruduwara. Though this is common in some places of the world, this is probably the only place in India where the hot water spring is found.


Manali is a pleasant place to stay and plenty of shopping malls are situated. Many convenient hotels with different stars are available. Woolen dresses made out of Pasmeena sheep are manufactured. There is a famous temple called Hidamba temple frequented by numerous people and situated in a sprawling area with huge size trees. The woolen clothes are purchased by many people from all over the world who visit the hill station.

Rohtang pass:

This is situated on the Himalayas at 13000 feet height. Roads to this place are narrow and dangerous. Since the extension of the road goes to Leh, there is heavy traffic of lorries ferrying food and ration to the military personnel stationed there. Rohtang pass is open to tourists only for 4 months in a year since heavy snowfall blocks roads leading to this place. Snow can be seen in this place even in September. Tourists come and play in the thick snow capped mountain during the four months when it is open to the public.

The place is so beautiful that it is simply impossible to describe the actual beauty in words. The beauty of the place has to be seen to be believed and should be taken in with the soul of the person.

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