Each and every internet marketer and affiliate marketer knows the importance of keywords that are used in marketing products on the internet. There are different kinds of online products that are sold and you will be able to understand the products using the keyword. People who use the internet also search for the products using the keywords. Keyword search is a very common practice that is done on the internet. There are different keywords and the uses of three words are not finite. There are different ways in which you can use these words on the internet.

Search engine optimization
is the most important role that keywords play in the internet. Once the site is indexed on the various search engines, they will be returned in any search done and keywords are the ones that make the site to be listed very high up in the page ranking.

The best use of keywords can be got from long tailed keywords. Before you delve deeper, you should know what a long tailed keyword is. Any keyword is usually only 1 word. There are some keywords that can contain two words. There are very few keywords that are longer than two words. The reason for this is that people select only a single word or two words to search for things or information in the internet. The long tailed keyword is the use of more than three words to be used in a internet search on the search engines. There are many benefits of long tailed keyword search.

1. Specific:

The long tailed keywords are very specific and there are people who use them in a search and they will not need information about many other products. If you have noticed on the internet, usually when you search for a long keyword, the number of results that are returned are lesser in number. The reason for this is that there are very few sites that contain all these words. These sites that contain all the words used in the long tailed keywords are all necessary information that a person would like to have. For example, a person trying to search for the keyword diabetes may have millions of pages returned. On the other hand, if the person searches using a long tailed keyword like lower limb complications of diabetes, there will be a decrease in the number of sites that have relevant information and all the results will be more relevant.

2. Useful in marketing:

The long tailed keywords are very useful in marketing because these keywords are very useful in high conversion rates of product sales on the internet. If you search for a non specific product using a single keyword, then you are probably looking for only information about the product. When you are searching with a long tailed keyword, then you are not looking out for something in general, but you are after some very specific information or you will be planning to buy the product and so are looking or the specific information about the product. This makes use of long tailed keywords as part of content to be useful in marketing.

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