Istria is the greatest peninsula at the warm Adriatic Ocean among the Gulf of Trieste and also the Kvarner Bay. Istria is regarded as a province of Croatia, boarded by Slovenia and Italy. It benefits from Mediterranean weather conditions mixed with warm current effect because of the ocean water. Over the eastern seacoast of Istrian peninsula can be found Rabac together with Labin that are classified as 2 minor neighborhoods. They perform as great summer destination. Rabac is as well called as "The Pearl within the Kvarner Bay" due to the pride of light pebble beaches and exquisite panorama stretching over the coastline which provides serenity gaining holidaymakers from various parts of the globe. Labin can be found 320 meter above sea level therefore it is located completely topside of this hill above Rabac. Swamped by the warm sun rays of Mediterranean coupled with amazing view of the Kvarner Bay, Rabac is a great area for you to be able to calm down.

The location is completely linked by roadways as a result of the development of tourists. You may find links from several places of Europe making it convenient to travel by car as well as bus. For anyone who is influenced to visit the region it is easy to arrive there by car and also airline from any place of Western Europe and Central Europe to reach the Croatian Pula airport.

Bay of Kvarner is located in the northern side of Adriatic Sea. It's position and wide area of 3300 square kilometers captures a large number of tourists each day. The sea water is crystal clear studded with light gravels and yes, it seems to be like paradise on earth to observe the bluish turquoise water nearby the sea-coast. That's why, the town of Rabac is expressed in getting it's brand, 'Pearl of Kvarner'.

The beach of Rabac is awarded with 'Blue Flag' mark that's assigned for having fantastic eco system without pollution of inorganic wastes in the ocean water. The Blue Flag designation implies the beach remains safe and secure, well maintained and satisfies all of the conditions by Foundation of Environmental Education. It brings brilliance to Rabac for keeping premium beaches feasible for holidaymakers. The bay benefits from climate for the duration of summer season plus the water temperature will not declines lower than 23 degree Celsius. The sea is great for swimmers and also divers. Several glass boats wherein the floor surfaces is constructed of opaque glass are frequently loaded with holidaymakers. You will have a cruise in these boats for looking at the different types of fishes and the under water world which in turn becomes a wonderful discover in your lifetime. Several more beaches are lying there undiscovered and free of peoples foot prints, although with richness of water and beauty. All of these beaches is not going to present thrill and pleasure packed activities but will definitely match your hunger with varieties of old fashioned meals. Istria is definitely known for it's gastronomical richness. Many eating places provide native foods in addition to several delicacies and guests are commonly attracted to taste the initial foodstuff of Istria that may be exclusively served up in old fashioned ambiance.

Hotel accommodations in Rabac are often very overpriced and starting with €150 for every day during the warm months season, which is typically not within the budget of a family. Much more recommendet are completely furnished apartment rentals and holiday homes that will be 60% less priced and gives even more flexibility for the complete family.

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