"When destiny forgets to tie some people in blood relations,
It correct its mistake by making them great friends"

This indeed is one of the most beautiful truths about life, which no one in this world can deny. Friends are the most wonderful gifts endowed upon us by our Almighty. Blood relations are not in the hands of humans but two strangers getting in the lovely bond of friendship is absolutely a miracle. As rightly quoted "One loyal friend is worth a thousand relatives" Indeed friendship can transform two strangers into life long relationship binding them with the reins of love, trust, compassion, belongingness and understanding. As they say friends are like mirrors, they'll always reflect the true self in us. They'll tell us our best as well as hold us in the worst .They can peer into your heart and read your mind. They can feel your pain and perceive your happiness. As rightfully said,

"True friends are, one soul embodied by two people"
Having friend is like a blessing. They fill up the lacuna in one's life and fetch away the solitude.

"Friendship needs no words, it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness"

Friends play a very important role in an individual's social development. They instill positiveness and encouragement; they comfort you in periods of turmoil.

Good friends are the bunce that carry away all our misfortunes and comfort us in periods of anxiety and distress. Friends are really a very important ingredient in our recipe of life. Right from our birth, as we grow into adults and follow the path of old age to our graves, the only permanent and trustworthy backing we have throughout our journey is a 'true friend'. Friends add meaning to one's life positively. All aren't fortunate to be bestowed with true friends.We may be gifted with a bunch of good friends, only few have a fluke to earn a true friend in a real sense.

Well who says only true friends are all important in one's life. Blessed are those who find the gems called 'true friends', but to be honest it's not merely a one sided affair. To be true friends, genuine affection from both the persona involved is utmost important. Because when we long for a true friend someone else is also longing for the same treasure. So it's wise enough to give up our quest for true friend, and play are parts well as friends.

Every person is a new door to a different world and new dimension to find a new horizon. Our personality has many hidden aspects; all our inner facets actually represent a different world. So does each friend represent a different world within us, a world possibly not born until they arrive,and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. As we hold so many different worlds within ourselves we can relate to a variety of people at the same time and develop a good bonding.

There are no ideal criteria to befriend someone. You need not be Xerox copies of each other to be good friends. Friends need not be stereotyped; they should be just their selves. So in my opinion everyone must have all kinds of friends.

Friends can be of variety of types, all that matters is their loyalty towards each other.You may have come across friends who are always a 'Silent listener', you pour your heart to them, and they listen with full compassion to your each word. What else one wants in a life than to be listened to wholeheartedly. On the contrary you might have a 'bigmouth friend', who is always interested to tell you things one after the other and rarely keep shut or bother to listen to you. But a 'wise friend 'knows when to keep shut. It's our nature to confide our deepest and darkest secrets to our best buddies, who can be rightly called 'confidential friend'. Some friends hear to our worst fears and very well play the part of 'counseling friend'. Well beware some friends are 'pessimist friend' they tend to worsen your fear. When in such situation always consult your 'esoteric friend', they always comfort you and satisfy your doubts as well as help you find a solution. But sometimes friends themselves can be 'problematic friends'. They are the one who always need your helping hand in order to get through tough situations. Just opposite are the 'Protective friend', they wipe out the problem itself or stand by your side to tackle your problem .Some friends can be denoted as 'lazy friends',silent supporters,don't believe in action much. You have to shake them off to get them to movies or shopping. As friends can drive you to the pool of fun, they can also drown you into the pool of shame. I would like to suggest a name for them 'trouble making friend'. They put you in embarrassing situations sometimes. Now let me not forget to mention the 'scholarly friends', who help you get through your finals and prevent you from landing into embarrassing situations when the results are out.

We have grown up listening "A friend in need is a friend indeed", but who says it's necessary to be the 'needy friend' always? There are some 'interest seeking friends', who stick around when they need something. Like if you are good academically, they ask you for notes and so on There's another category 'popular friend', craved by many but luckily owned by you. Now coming back to the original quote, when you are in need you can take resort to the 'banker friend', they always help you in financial crisis. The very opposite of them are the 'tight fisted friend' no no they are not stingy but they find in mournful when money leaves their wallets. The'experienced friends' are always ready to give you good piece of advice, while'noisy friends', always fill the atmosphere around you with irrelevant talks. Let me mention the 'Einstein friend', they are the rare one, always talking the scope science has, and imaginary principles beyond the limits of your invulnerable brains. But they are decent, self involved, harmless and indeed cute people. Now at the same time who can ignore the sensible 'bookworms' or in other words the 'worshipers of library'. I forgot the toughest friends, yes the 'exclusivist friend ', they are quite possessive about you and hate when you befriend others. Have you ever experienced on your way to work daily, some people you get to know only by face? They smile back when you smile at them, I would name them the 'silent communicators' .Not to ignore the 'cyber friends', though you haven't met in person you know every details about each other.

I have almost mentioned all types of friends one might come across in life. They may belong to different age groups or genres but they always lit up your life in some or the other way. As sun gives light,at the same time it also forms the shadows .As friends can deliver happiness they can also leave you devastated.

The pain and agony felt when someone breaks your trust is incomparable .Hence I would like to state here the 'toxic friends' who can demolish your faith in the beauty of friendship forever. Psychologists have grouped such back stabbers in a very specific manner. To begin with at number one comes the 'double crosser', they are good on your face and are real devils as you turn your back to them.They are the character assassinators. Another synonym for such besiegers is 'frenemy'. There are 'promise breakers'and 'discloser', they make you feel like home, make you believe safe to confide anything in them. But sadly as you leave, emptying your heart to them they leak out the secret to the world and ruin your reputation and trust. Others are the 'fault finders', they consider themselves to have mastery in all fields. They are at constant hunt of finding faults in you, though some may be completely illogical. The fifth types are the 'competitors' or 'vies', they compete with you at every moment in an attempt to measure oneself against others. These are not the actual competitions but simple activities like who can be more fun at parties or who can drive faster. They play self implicated competitions and in the race for achieving better, lose your friendship forever. Last one 'self absorbed' or the 'narcissists', they always consider their work to be more important. They are the tamer type, egocentric,negative people.It's better to be aloof from them.

As the good friends help you positively, I hold the opinion that such 'venomous friends' too help you positively. Let me explain, who knows the worth of happiness better than a person who has felt the bouts of depressions throughout his life. As darkness impels you the inspiration to light a lamp, so does negativity brings the spirit to fight back. It strengthens you internally and empowers you emotionally. It's better to take such friends or frenemies positively. Erase them off from your life and wipe off the negativism they had brought with them and keep in mind the lessons they have engraved, worth remembering a lifetime.

When we come across every kind of friend, it definitely helps us grow and mature in some or the other way. As there are different aspects to our nature or behavior so do we need all types of friend in order to nurture each aspect in our life. Hence we arrive to the inference that "Every friend is necessary".

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