Ireland has a unique identity of its own. Any person who visits the United Kingdom as a tourist should visit Ireland as part of the trip. Other than this, the person can visit Ireland alone because if the fact that the country has a lot to offer the people as far as tourism is concerned. The war and the civil problems behind them, there are a lot of changes that have happened after peace has returned to the country. The people of Ireland have tried to put all the bitterness behind them and this has caused a new era to dawn in the country. There are various packages that are available that can be used to tour around the country. Though the packages can be used, there are times when the adventure minded tourist will like to explore the country side all on their own. This too gives a tremendous experience to the person who visits the country.

Location: The country is located in the Western part of Europe. It is a neighbour of Great Britain. The location is such that there is a great climate in the land that has caused a pleasant countryside to be present. There are many people who just love the landscape in the country of Ireland.

The climate: The climate is very pleasant during most parts of the year. The summer may be warm fro those who are from cold countries, but otherwise the climate is pleasant and great to be in. The winds that are blown from the South west are a great addition to the wonderful climate. The winters may become very cold. The fact that sets Ireland apart is that it may rain anytime that you are there and so you need to take proper precautions like the use of rain coats to prevent yourself from getting wet.

In case a person is on a vacation, then the visa may not bee needed for a period of up to about 90 days. You can land in any of the many airports, though Dublin would be a great choice because you can move around to any place you want from here. Other than the use of the local transport including the buses, people also prefer to travel from one place to another on the sea coast through the many ferries that are present.
Places of interest

There are various places of interest in Ireland. Some of the most interesting places can be visited on a tour because it is practically impossible to visit all the places of interest in Ireland. The Giants causeway is one of the attractions in the country. Other than that, the Newgrange, Guinness Storehouse and Glendalough are the other places.

As far as the wildlife is concerned in Ireland, the Fota Island wildlife Park is the best one. Other than this, the Dublin zoo is also great to visit. There are also other places of interest there. The best part about the country is that there are many castles and other monuments that have been converted into museums. The long history connected to the country is the reason for the amazing castles in the country. The best part of the land is the country side that is very beautiful. The landscape that has various meadows and grasslands make the country side wonderful.

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