Rain water harvesting is one of the best methods of increasing one of the most important requirements in life which is water. Many people think that water is available in large amount and will never be lost from being available to people. The truth is that there are parts of the world where the use of water and the wastage of water has been so rampant that water is being lost in large quantities.

It is very important for the people to understand the concept of preservation of water, saving water so that there is no more water scarcity. The best method that can be used to prevent the wastage of water and to save it is the rain water harvesting system.

The rain water harvesting system can be in various methods. There are different methods that can be used to harvest the water and also save the water.

1. Roof top harvesting:

The simplest method that can be used in the harvesting of the rain water is by the roof top harvesting method. In this method, the person who is harvesting the rain water will be able to use the rain water that falls on the roof. The water that is collected can be directly used for daily activities other than drinking. In other methods, the roof top water that collects when it rains can be used in the process of making it into underground water. This can be done by draining the water that flows through the pipes directly into the soil. The soil acts as a receptive for the water. In any house or apartment, the water from the rooftop drains down to the ground level with the pipes. These can be directed straight into a pit that has been filled with gravel and sand. This receives the water and sends it into the ground making it into a ground water. The advantage of this method is that it becomes ground water and helps in increasing the water table.

2. Creating a pond:

The other method that can be done to make the ground water into increasing is to make a pond with the water. The pond can be dug in a low lying area. This will help the person to be able to direct the water that has fallen during the rains, into the pit. The rain water collects in the pond and helps to increase the ground water. The collected water can also be treated to make it more safe and then it can be used for various purposes.

3. Small scale water collection:

The rain water can also be collected in various other methods. There are many families in remote areas where there is no water who collect the rain water as and when it rains. The collection may be with the help of buckets and other things that are available in the house. There are families that have a plastic sheet that is directed into a pit where the water is collected. There are many other methods that are innovative and specific to an area in harvesting the rain water.

The various methods of collecting or harvesting the rain water will help in the method of preventing water shortage. It also helps to increase the ground water level. Every family should practice it for saving the environment.

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