This article is based on the pain, a man feels when he has to face Inferiority Complex. A man who suffers from this condition, knows how painful it is to be alone without anyone who may console you in your problems. This article will tell the real story of a person who faces such type of personal problems. This article is all about the man's feeling, a feeling of inferiority.

In the list of the worst feelings of man, Complex can be placed at the first number. For defining it furthermore, we place another word with it called 'Inferiority' and it defines this condition at its best. In this condition, you feel inferior to those persons who are more skilled than you, in the same thing to which you're closely associated.They may be your siblings, cousins or your friends. As a result, either you give up on that job or accepts the reality and become brazen. You don't try to develop your skills, because the peoples worsen your mind, they don't support you, but they try to make you feel even worse.

You either commit suicide feeling that you're of no value to the world or when you're alone you keep crying. You think that you're the worst person in this world and that you should break your relationship with the one who you love you the most, because you think that she's/he's wasting her/his time on you, on a devalued person according to the victim's feelings. You try to find the uniqueness in yourself, you even find one. But then, you think that the uniqueness you have just found in yourself may also be the uniqueness of someone else, other than you and it make you feel worst and you give up on that too. Your behavior become strange, unusual and rude. Whenever, someone calls you bad or pinpoints your defects you easily accept it. Every time you see and point out the downside of your acts in your 'dark world' (When you're alone), it may be good but you find it bad. You give the priority to crying than to sleeping at night recalling those things which have happened with you and make you feel bad. If something, hasn't even happened bad with you than you create the scene yourself and than under the state of complexion you begin to cry, the circumstances which may or may not even come off in the future. I give it the name, 'The Dark Cry'. Sometimes when you see someone who's stronger than you and you feel that he may be dangerous to the one you love most, then you try to leave that person, the person you love the most.

You think that you're unable to protect him/her and if he/she gets in trouble, you won't be able to do something. You think that, If you are not even able to protect him/her while you love him/her the most, then you just accurse with your love. On other hand, this complex sometimes also makes you strong in some circumstances. You learn how to live alone, how to share your feelings with your own self. How to live without others. You begin to get away from your friends. You become self-dependent. In this way, you become strong. You learn to live your life with sadness. You can then, cope with the problems alone. And in someway, you become unique from other. That's why do not curse your fate. You're in someway, a unique person.

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