In a recent article at, a few contributors discussed "50 Ways to Save Money in Your Business". The article goes on to talk about how to save money for your business on a shoestring budget (and what entrepreneur isn't?), it really pays to scrimp and save. Just in case you've forgotten the value of a hard-earned penny, we've come up with a slew of money-saving ideas to boost your business's bottom line-from cutting your legal bills to inexpensive ways to draw in customers. Though some tips will save you more money than others, the end result of your overall spendthrift strategy could add up to a bundle.

Some of the ideas where to piggyback your advertising, search engine optimization DIY, cutting costs on setting up your online store, blogging, mobile apps., and other things such as buying recycled toner and paper, get free software, and buy used equipment. While all of this sounds good many of us do not have the time to source out all of these different products and services when time equals money you lose every time. The two ideas that caught my attention and gave me the inspiration to write this piece were labeled "Save by association". Saving by association is a win win for everyone. For example, when looking for insurance, check with your trade association. Many associations offer competitive group insurance. The other idea that caught my attention was "Join an association". Many trade and business associations have reasonable membership fees and offer discounts on everything from insurance, travel and car rental to long-distance phone service, prescriptions and even golf course fees.

A little background on who I am. My name is Kevin D. Chace and I am the CEO/Owner of Nu Cen-tury Inc. We have been in the business of helping other businesses sell direct to the government. Every day we help businesses increase their bottom line by getting them in the door with government buyers. We process the applications (very daunting), set them up with business certificate to maximize additional government spending, and market them to the 60,000 plus government buyers across the USA and abroad. The number one question we are asked by clients and potential clients is "How can we save on everyday products and services we buy to run our business?" With the state of the current economic conditions here in the USA, business owners want their dollar to go further. They are constantly buying products and services to keep their businesses running. So let's take a deeper look at exactly what is a must have for businesses. The building they own or rent must be paid monthly, staff, office furniture, computers, monitors, mice, keyboards, phones, internet service, other software and hardware needs, office supplies, equipment, and machines. Additionally, accounting, payroll, landscaping, water, trash, electric, maintenance on the building, plumbing, construction, remodeling, painting, carpet, tile, vinyl, decorations, marketing services, email, website, database, customer lists, get the picture? There is a ton more that I have left off because I am trying to keep this to two pages or less. So, with this in mind we created the end all be all when it comes to purchasing every day business products and services. We call it BUYNCI.COM. BUYNCI.COM is an online ecommerce site that was developed with the business owners, staff, and purchasing departments in mind. You no longer have to take time away from priorities to find the best price on any product or service your business may need. BUYNCI.COM is a membership site that allows its members to buy and sell at the same price the U.S. Government pays from its vendors at the same price. Most products and services purchased on the site will see a savings of up to 60% and most times more. This is the absolute best price available. We offer two types of subscriptions. We have a member subscription which is for current government contractors who have government pricing in place. Our members have the ability to buy and sell within the group. The other subscription membership is a Non-Member subscription. Our Non-Members are any other business that does not have government pricing in place. Our Non-members can only buy from our members on the site. Our membership fees are very low and you will get the exposure of businesses that you never thought you could buy from or sell to.

BUYNCI.COM has everything any business would need to operate and expand. Every product and service imaginable is available to our members and non-members. Registration is very easy and the site is open for business 24/7. You can select what you want, enter the quantity and then proceed to check out usually in less than 1 minute. Products have shipping costs calculated for your convenience and services can be purchased in blocks of time. This is just the basics of what BUYNCI.COM can do for you, but you need to see it to believe it. If you want to stop over paying for products and services you use everyday go to and register today. We can have you up and running in one business day or less. BUYNCI.COM is the best place for all of your business product and service needs. Start your savings today by registering as a member or non-member.

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