One day in mid-April, holding the umbrella in the rain from wandering through, listening to the pressure never far away over the thunder rolling, scrutinizing the rain on the land rampage, I suddenly consideration of his long-suffering of drought, and carry ons to also South suffers, I sense of it like a piece of dry land like the land open mouth, weigh up of those in the drought helpless eyes, weigh up of those dead trees and seedlings. I whim: if the damn rain, can, where fine, if I had facility, right on the damn rain, arrived in Guangxi, arrived in Yunnan... arrived ... that be trivial! That be fine!

Who has been a type of self-righteous animal, has been since I thought I could do anything, can dominate everything, in fact, this is only the illusion of human arrogance, nothing more is wishful pleasures. In the aspect of nature, in the face of the invisible God, the human often is so ignorant, always seem lesser, powerless and even some of the meager, not to reference the tsunami in Indonesia, not to refer to the Bermuda shipwreck, not to declare Wen Chuan quake, it is that Qing or Yin, this drought and floods, have been enough for us to understand what to puzzle out out. Of course, not only in the look of nature, we often peek pale and weak, there are loads of in life and nature has nothing to do, it reaches us caress powerless: see that their choice is approved, often been a group, or even an ignorant who gave a thoroughly negative; discerningly spread the seeds of their own, pouring water, applied the fertilizer, flowers, and agree to the others to gather the fruit, always let others decide ones; obviously own nothing wrong finally back to bear the blame for others.

Relative to the challenge of natural disasters, the setbacks in life before we demonstrated the nice of ugly as to not only small, not just ignorance, is simply ridiculous some of the poor. Relative to the natural, human will always be ignorant; relative to the group of human self is look how petite. When the time comes to natural disasters, hammer chest wail does not help, complain about self-pity can not answer the hitch, and only the courage to receive authenticity, only the courage to admit our insignificance, and then realize ways to deal with disasters, natural disasters can be minimized. Correspondingly, when our own setbacks in life, the self-grief self-pity, cynicism, bad things only worse. With complaining, it is better Seedlings as drought, like the earthquake relief, our best efforts into their own, the frustrations.

A person can move all out to do something about the process, a person can not do so is the outcome; a person can not warrant that the desired goal will be dod, but a person can assure the way in efforts to target point then harder. But as long as we turn into the effort, we may be disappointed, but on no account pang of guilt.

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