Moving is one of the most difficult and stressful works of lifetime. It is the process of hustle and bustle. It kills your precious time and makes your stressful and tired. But if you know how to plan it well, you will be able to make your home relocation easier and simpler. You will prove that moving is not such a hard task as it is said or mentioned. But remember, a strong planning is necessary. Have a look at some important tips and suggestions mentioned below which will help you to make a successful move.

• Make a garage sale of those items which you are not carrying with you on your move. It is possible that you have some furniture or other goods you will not in future. Avoid such items to carry with you because it will increase your stress level and also moving cost. So have a garage sale of such items as early as a week before the moving day. This will help you earn some money and hence you will be able to cut cost on your move. In care of furniture, you can contact furniture seller that also sells used furniture. You can also donate such items to a charitable organization.

• Change your home address as early as a week before the actual moving day. This will save you loss your valuable mails because of not changing the home address sooner. First of all make a list of companies that require a change of address such as banks credit cards, online catalogs, utility bills, telephone bills, internet bills, milk bills, water bills, magazine sub script ions, etc.

• Pack your household goods and belongings as early as a week before. You can start you packing 2 weeks earlier if you have more things to pack. Pack your goods carefully, properly and using packing supplies and materials of good quality. Wrap fragile and breakable items in bubble wrap. After boxing goods seal them with heavy duty packaging tapes with tow or three layers. Pack goods room by room and make label on boxes according to contents. Labeling of boxes helps in unpacking of packed goods at your new residence. Pack liquid items in container that does not warp.

• Pack valuable things like document ..., certificated, utility bills, rental receipts and jewellery carefully. Keep such things safely always with you till you arrived at your new residence.

• If you have borrowed some things from your neighbors, return them before you move.

• Hire professional packers and movers at least a moth before the moving day. In this way you are assured of a fixed schedule and a confirmed removal company. There are many removal companies in Gurgaon also called Packers Movers Gurgaon. You can choose one of the Gurgaon Packers Movers based companies to make your move hassle free and comfortable.

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