Customer service is the key factor for getting satisfied customers. This plays very major role in each and every company's success. A company with best customer service is the most preferred company. Restaurants are one of the major industries where the customer service is expected more. A restaurant with good Customer service will be ranked higher than any other competitive restaurants.

Every customer expects his dinner should be served with smile. But most of the restaurants fail to understand this basic and the major expectation from the customer. When this is fulfilled the restaurant is valued more. Few restaurants do this customer service in the end part alone. That is only in serving the customers. When the food is served in the best way, customer gets almost 60% satisfied. So many don't care about the remaining 40% of satisfaction. Only very few restaurants gives 100% satisfaction to customers. Most of them are costlier. They get customer though they are costlier because they give 100% satisfaction.

This fact proves that customers value the services and also it tells it is the major expectation from them. But not all the time we can get into such restaurants. People started expecting the same satisfaction in all restaurants and sure it should be fulfilled. Now days all the restaurants show their care in providing better customer service. This makes them to stand in top for sure. Only few make it in a proper pay and stays in top.

A best restaurant realizes that customer service should start from the kitchen. Enough care should be taken to see the quality of raw materials used. The grains used should be of high quality.

Customers need to be satisfied with the quantity and taste too. Dosahut is one of the best restaurants that abide all the rules to tell them as the best since they give 100% customer service. Here the customer service starts from kitchen till the dish reaches the table. Enough care is taken for making sure they get quality grains and prepare them to its best way and also we get our dishes served with smile and care. It's one of the rare restaurants and also a good example for how the customer service should be.

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