The Indian Premier League is one of the most entertaining feature for cricket lovers not only in India but all over the world. Though it cannot satisfy everyone each season it never failed to bring some problems in one way or the other. The problem initially started during the establishment of IPL that the money used to establish IPL was the black money of the Indian politicians. And on the other side the team owners spent more money in the auction. And later on the problem aroused between the Indian players themselves when they had to face against each other in the matches because of this. This led to controversies between Indian players themselves which led to some non-co-operation when they played in ODIs. The greatest disadvantage which the players felt is that when they played in teams for IPL the Indian players themselves revealed about their own Indian team mate's weakness to the Foreign Players. When these are all the common problems which we already know there was a serious threat to national integration because of this IPL.

Yes, recently this started in this year where the people of a community who lost to other team started burning the jersey of the opposite team to which they lost. People started fighting in social media sites. Even the film stars joined the fight and aggravated it. People considered the game as match fixing. And a lot of controversies broke the unity among the people. It broke out into a war in some big universities and colleges where people from different states study. People never realizes that they fight for some stupid issue where the players and the team owners gain a lot no matter whether they win or lose but the poor people only becomes a victim for these. People should try to take things sportively and these kind of things should not affect the national integrity. People have time to fight for these stupid issues but not for the cause of corruption or some other social issue which could benefit them.People unite only in the name of cricket as Indians and now it is the same cricket which breaks their unity.As long as people are not realizing these things the problem will become bigger and bigger.The three C's that affect the growth of India and bring major problems are Cricket,Corruption and Cinema.

Money plays a major role in all these three but still people show more interest towards these because it gives them good entertainment.Lets not discuss about those and Hope the game has to be planned in the future in such a way that it doesn't affect the people in any way. Hoping is the only thing that we can do because we are living in such a nation where hopes are the only thing that makes us realize that we do survive.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a fresher from Vellore.