Last week (8th January) our country was stunned by horrifying act of Pakistani army and been angry. Pakistan once again perished its own credibility by violating Cease-fire rule with it's recently added "Most Favored National". This move also provided a twist in relations and conversation between both countries.

Pakistani government and army both are denying from this barbarous act. But when we look at this violation from Pakistani army's interest then we can believe Pak government. Further we are going to discuss about such reasons pointing finger on latter's military.

There had been a reduction in the defense budget for the Pak army due to their bad economy. Economic condition of Pak is at worst of many past years. They are not getting half of their economy from taxes, industries, agriculture, revenues and investments. They are running their country through huge International financial support and among them America owns a big share. Soul reason behind American financial support is to vanish terrorism from it's root as well as help for peace set up in Afghanistan hut Pakistan failed badly in both tasks which resulted reduction in the edges of bundles of financial support and by next year they are also suppose to pay their loans.

Military of Pak is divided in itself and not united. They also have lost their traditional military domination over the government. Value of army is lost in it's own sight after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden by American Seals. Pakistani military is also fighting a war at Afghan border with Taliban in it's Baluchistan province which tolled them more then 3500 troops alone in it's western part.

Pakistani military got weakened and also lost years long importance gained from traditional Indian rivalry when official statements were released which states that "India is not the biggest enemy for Pakistan , it is its own internal terrorism". But sensitive Indian border issue provided some importance back to Pakistani Military and at the same time proves India as its biggest threat and prior rival again.

Another reason is that Government and Army of Pakistan have many difference to each other. Generally Government, Army and Judiciary are dominated by Punjab province of Pak from history since independence. There isn't any good coordination between Government and Army, denial of government from giving any extension to army General Parvez Kayani is an example of this. One more interesting thing is that by far from 65 years of independence this is the longest ruled government and for the first time in the history of Pakistan going to complete one election cycle of 5 years. And it will be very tough task for any government to beat this ruling PPP and it's collision is also very strong.

All these arguments are pointing Pak military's interest behind this violation. This act also spreads feelings of insecurities from India and also claims it as the biggest threat for Pak. This insecurity fulfill many interest of military as it unit army and parallely attempt to relief defense budget and at the same time try to regain their domination over government and importance among the populace.

It is a fact that Pak is not in a condition that it can handle any kind of war with India after this breach of peace treaty. But they are known to Indian policies.

India responded back with some stiff comments but hardly any appropriate action. Indian regime suspended 'On arrival visa for senior citizens' scheme and restricted Pakistani hockey and cricket players but all letter have no connection or any link Pak's terrific move. Pakistan also took some strict action like abandoning trades and transportations with India. Talks are still on their way between both and doubtable for any conclusion.

Conversations for "Aman" with Pakistan are not seeming conclusive with two strong reasons. The very first is Kashmir which is the ultimate reason for Indo-Pak clashes. Right now it's on the peace track with army sealed borders. But Pakistan don't want peace, it want Kashmir and until it's on peace track it's Pakistan's defeat. This is why they keep violating Kashmir on borders as well as inside Kashmir by military and infiltrators. Recent incidence was also an effort to evoke this issue between both countries and before the world as well.

Second reason is indefinite credibility of Pak. First dilemma is 'to whom we're suppose to talks with?' as even Pakistan don't know who dominate the country. When we solve the first puzzle then we face a pro version of problem, of unaccountability. If we'll look at 26/11 Mumbai massacre, our first problem was non-acceptance then non-accountability and then no-actions. India abandoned all projects related to Pak but remained inconclusive. Pakistan maintains this image worldwide.

These Indian problem have limited solutions as it is too hard to understand Pakistani mentality and Terrorist movements in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Arab and Africa which is also a failure for U.N., E.U. and America and all powers. But still India should make some international pressure on Pak and should also try to restrict financial support for Pak military.

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This article was written on 8th January but published on march 5