Hyundai Gets is a dearest of its users. The car provides a perfect fusion of space, technology and comfort. The car has always got appreciation because of its ideal blend of form and functionality.

Design and Interior:

Impressive sleek design and delicate look make the car very appealing to its users. The exterior got a sporty look by the chrome strip front grille. The sleekly designed head and tail lamps are the most prominent features of Hyundai Getz. The sun roof of Getz, an optional feature, comes with a tilt and slide system. The exterior dimension of the car includes a length of 3810 mm, width of 1665 mm, height of 1515 mm, wheelbase 2455 mm and ground clearance 160 mm.

The roomy and cozy interior of Hyundai Getz can accommodate five passengers. An easy ingress and egress is facilitated by higher seating arrangement. A comprehensive audio system is incorporated neatly with the dash board. The car is also equipped with air-conditioning, adjustable rear seat inclination, heater, full door armrest, luggage tray, utility tray, parcel shelf, low fuel warning lamp, cabin lamp, double folding rear seat and so on. All of these features make the car a delightful unit.

Variant, Price and Mileage:

The variant of the car largely vary in the size of their tyres and colors. The available variants include GLE, GVS, GLS and GLX. The price of Hyundai Getz varies between Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 5.25 Lakhs. The color options include bright silver, ebony black, noble white and electric blue.


This car has a 12V, 4 Cylinder Inline, MPFI, 1.3 Liter SOHC engine. It delivers an impressive power of 82.9 PS @ 5500 rpm and maximum torque produced by this engine is 11.8 kgm @ 3200 rpm. The 5-speed manual transmission of Hyundai Getz provides improved shift feel. In order to provide as excellent pick-up and smooth acceleration, the engine of Hyundai Getz is very thoughtfully designed. The maximum fuel capacity of Hyundai Gets is 45 liters. The front suspension is Mc Pherson Strut with coil spring and the rear suspension is gas filled shock absorber, CTBA.

Ride and Handling:

Hyundai Gets offers you an effortless and cozy riding. The braking system of this car is facilitated with front ventilated disc and rear drum brakes. For emergency use the car also has Anti Lock Braking System (ABS). The steering of Hyundai Getz can be attuned to suit the convenience of the driver. A unique clutch lock feature which makes ignition remain non-functional until clutch is pressed is also available in this car. This clutch lock feature reduces jerk start.


A number of contemporary safety features are available in Hyundai Getz. Collapsible steering, clutch lock and rear bumper reflectors are some of the major safety features of this automobile. The seats of Hyundai Getz have been specially designed in such a way that keeps the passengers planted to the seats instead of letting them fly out when sudden brakes or hard brakes is applied at emergencies.

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