Much concern to the industry "New Energy Auto Industry Development Plan ( 2011-2020 ) " is currently in draft amendments to being , from China Automotive Industry Association ( " Association of Steam "), the sources said , the program is expected to announce the fourth quarter of this year and implemented . Also, because the views of the Society of steam after the national favorable policies to benefit from the mature Hybrid Technology, while still failed to include the "new energy technologies " , he was regarded as the " energy-saving technology " after the famous " New Energy Auto Industry Development Plan ( 2011-2020 ) " The full name has thus become the "energy saving and new energy vehicles Industry development plan ( 2011-2020 ). "

From hybrids currently in the global market each year " millions "in sales of the scale of view, analysts point out that the technology class Model Expected to be subject to policies to encourage the " backbone " , boosting new energy scale models as quickly as possible .

"Hybrid push some of the main plank "

" hybrid -type certainly a major part as a policy to encourage , will become the main energy-saving technologies , sales of small electric , after all , " Vice President of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Dong Yang Clear to the media , said . Steam Society is involved in the whole "planning" to develop the work of the automotive industry associations , and from the Association's view that hybrids may eventually mature as " energy-saving technology "into the country's new energy vehicles for 10 years planning.

Automobile Association disclosed under the "Planning " ,2011 -2015 , is the energy-saving and new energy automotive industry training period ,2016 -2020 year, compared with the development of , then saving and new energy vehicles in China as a whole should reach the international advanced technology Level scale of the industry largest in the world .

In production and sales scale , the 2015 net Electric Vehicles And plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production and sales total 50 million units ; accumulative production and sales by 2020, saving and new energy vehicles more than five million . In emissions , by 2015 passenger cars New car .The average fuel consumption level of 100 km to 5.9 liters to 4.5 liters in 2020 dropped .

"Two fields " continue to adhere to the road of hybrid

This year in March , the new policy introduced pilot energy subsidies ; in June , the Ministry of Industry issued the first batch of fuel-efficient vehicles to promote catalog ; in August , a gathering of 100 billion yuan of funds known as the " central rate of new energy vehicles alliance " with many different forms Local , international " coalition " have also surfaced . The main objective of the policy by the state subsidy is still pointing its sword up to the pure electric car , but on a global scale in a mature hybrid known Toyota Cars,Honda Automotive joint venture in China.

China Communications and Transportation in the field 34% of oil consumption , China's overall carbon emissions about 23% of carbon emissions . As the world's largest car market , new energy, energy saving vehicles become the inevitable choice .

However, from the view of the current market conditions , sales of electric vehicles from the state plan , " millions " is still very far from the target . Recently held in Japan Honda Hybrid Test drive. At the meeting, Honda Part, the responsible people in the Chinese media openly said that the current Honda is still not optimistic about the electric cars in the Chinese market and the effects , the company will continue to adhere to new energy -based hybrid vehicle line .

" has been Toyota Honda will present hybrid technology as well as the future route for a long period of time best suited to the actual new energy automotive industry technical route . " Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Lisheng Maoč. Honda seems , new energy vehicles remains the ultimate solution for the fuel battery-powered cars , just as hybrid and fuel cell -driven transition to the middle line of pure electric vehicle technology and the existence of possible Not too long.

In this context , the international car giants are in his car enterprises have introduced electric cars recently , its still selected routes in hybrid technology deep plowing . The current " plan " view the changes , it is expected that the technology must support the international auto companies get subsidies in China to " grow "new energy vehicles overall market .

For production and marketing side , in 2015 , electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production and sales total 50 million units ; to total sales by 2020 saving and new energy vehicles more than five million . In emissions , by 2015 the average passenger car fuel consumption level of 100 km to 5.9 liters by 2020 dropped to 4.5 liters .

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