Child sexual abuse has become common news these days. There are hundreds and thousands of children who are abused by people they trust and also by strangers. Kids do not know what has happened on most of the occasions. Parents have to be very careful as far as the safety of their children is concerned.

Here are a few methods that you can use to make sure that your child is safe from the dangers of the people who are around them.

1. The child should be able to talk about anything with you:

Do not create a barrier for your child. If you are a parent who would like y0our child to be under your strict control, it is good, but it may suppress your child's freedom to approach you. As a parent, you should make sure that your child is ale to approach you for all its needs and is able to talk to you without any inhibitions. You should remember this and give that freedom to your child so that the child is able to tell you in case of any abuse.

2. Keep track of your child:

As a parent, you should always keep track of where your children are, and what they are doing. The reason for this is that though the freedom of the child is very important, you should know if the child is spending time with any adult alone. This may not be any problem, but as a parent, you should be aware of what is happening in your child's life. Children are very vulnerable in their young age and can be easily manipulated by other older people which should be prevented by you.

3. Never let your child alone with other adults:

If your child needs to be alone with a stranger, then you should not allow such a situation to occur. You should also ensure that you do not allow your child to have a situation when the child is alone with any adult who you do not know completely. There can be many situations in which this kind of a situation may seem unavoidable, but as a parent you should remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry and you should take the responsibility on yourself to make sure that your child is safe. Many of us think that things like sexual abuse only happen to other kids and take it for granted that your child will be safe, till the day you get a bombshell.

4. Create peer group friends for your child:

If your child usually likes to stay alone and also play alone, then you should encourage the child to have more friends and have a peer group. If your child is not interested, then you should take proactive steps to ensure that you create a peer group for your child by various innovative means. This group of friends will help a lot in having some friends all around at all times.

As a parent, if you take adequate care of your child by following these, you will have your child safe in your arms each evening.

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