The transport industry is one of the most thriving industries in the world economy. Every minute, goods are being transported whether commercial or personal belongings. When these goods are being moved, a considerable amount of care has to be taken to ensure that they are not damaged during transit or during unloading. Moving of goods should involve a lot of planning to determine the means of transport and ways to prevent damage during the process. There are various ways to prevent goods form being damaged and for the purpose of this discussion, goods will be classified into various categories as follows:

Fragile goods.

An example of fragile goods is furniture. The safest way to move furniture is by dismantling all the attached parts and wrapping them up with a roll of shrink wrap to protect them from dirt and moisture. When preparing goods like tables and cupboards for transport, you should cover them with towels or blankets and wrap them in plastic. Using bubble wrap is the best choice for wrapping as it cushions fragile items. The corners of the furniture should be insulated using a towel then wrapped and taped. Hanging fixtures, mirrors and floor lamps, should be covered with a towel together with plastic bubble wrap then slipped into a large plastic bag and then tightly closed. The light bulbs should first be removed.

Perishable goods.

If your goods are perishable then its best if they are transported in a refrigerated truck. Perishable goods include cut flowers, fresh vegetables, milk and other food stuffs. Transport of such goods should be very fast to prevent them from being spoiled. Ventilation in the truck should also be good to keep the goods fresh.

Brittle goods.

Goods such as glass and ceramics break with even the slightest of impacts. Such goods should be packed in box crates and tied in stacks then placed on a cushioned floor. When transporting glasses for window panes, make sure all the glasses are in contact with each other then tied to a flat piece of cushioned timber.


Transport of machinery is one of the most sensitive areas of this industry. Machinery is very expensive and any damage will have a crippling effect on the owner. Machinery can also hurt people in the surrounding if it is not held properly onto the transporting truck. Machines should be clamped well onto the body of the truck. There should be a warning for other road users to keep distance. If the machinery is being transported by air, having it loose might destabilize the plane and may cause an accident.

Transport of good successfully without damage is a tough fete to achieve, thus proper planning should be done well in advance before the process of moving starts. Goods transported by sea in ships are safe because maritime agencies have rules and regulations on the transport of goods. As we concentrate on preventing damages on transit, most damages occur during the process of unloading, thus a considerable amount of care should be observed when unloading goods.

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