Air travel is a time when the person is not able to move around much because of the lack of space and also because of the various restrictions that are in force. A family may be on a long trip and the flight may be a long one too. In these situation, kids who like running around and also doing new things will feel really bored because of the fact that there is no change in the scenario and they have to sit in the same place.

So what to do to manage the kids during air travel? There are several things that can be tried. Some of the things may not work for your child because each child is different. So any parent can be ready with more than one method of trying to distract the child and manage them. This will help in making sure that even after one method is tried, the other one can be tried.

Some of the methods that you can try to manage your child when you are on a flight are as follows

1. Make them read:

Reading is the best thing that will distract children and at the same time increases their knowledge. There are various books that the child can read. When you are going on a long haul flight trip, you should make sure that you pick some age appropriate books for your kids when you get on the flight. This will make them read the book with interest. This is especially true for the kids who are interested in reading. This will help them to concentrate on the book and have very less time for all other activities and they may not get bored at all. The key here is that you should pick some age appropriate books that are also interesting. There are some books that may be really boring and that can cause the child to get further frustrated. So, make sure you pick the right books for your child.

2. Board games:

If you have two kids, then the trouble is less, unless they are having some sort of sibling rivalry. The two kids can be given a board game as kids usually love board games. This is sure to keep them interested for a decent amount of time. Other than the board games, you can also take a hand held video game with you. There are many such games that are available and the kids are sure to be engrossed in their game and you will be able to manage them very effectively with this method.

3. Songs:

The kids enjoy songs. Though you may be disturbing other people when you are making your kids to sing, you can try to get your kids to listen to the songs that are being sung by the other people. This is one of the better methods of keeping your kids engaged in the work that they are doing. These days, there are so many devices that are very helpful in the person to hear songs and music.

These are some of the best methods in which the person who is travelling on a long flight with the kids can keep the kids engaged so that they are manageable. If the kids do not have anything to do, they will not only be bored, but start frustrating you with their antics too.

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