Men and women are different in a lot of ways. Some women tend to think that men are the most complicated creatures on this planet. Whereas some men think that women are the ones complicated. Both parties end up hating each other because of misunderstanding. This should not be the case especially for couples.

Men also needs space. Unlike women, men want to have space on their own to unwind and to think of things for themselves. Women usually misunderstand this situation that men do not want them to be at a certain place or time. It is not like that. Men need space for them to talk either to their buddies or to talk on their own.

Men also have emotions. Although, they seldom show it. They are still humans and have emotions. They can get hurt. And even if they do not show it, they are hurt. And once they do, you might not notice it at first but as days pass by you will know that you have hurt them. If he pretends that everything is okay or that you have noticed something different about his mood, ask him if there is something wrong in a kind respectful manner.

Men do not understand your every move. For most women, if they want something, they do not say it or give it right away. Women tend to give out signs first and if men do not understand these signals, they become frustrated and become suddenly hard to understand. For women, try to be more open with your feelings and speak to him in a way that he can understand.

Do not expect too much from your man. They are not from the movies. They also have flaws. Respect your man's flaws and he will respect yours. Try to open to him whenever you have plans or problems and he will begin to open them up too when the time comes. To learn more about how to respect your man, go deep here

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