Thanks to the internet many people are in long distance relationships with the people they have met online. Some others have spouses living away from them because of work and other commitments. The dynamics that rule long distance relationships are not the same as those that rule regular relationships. Long distance relationships are more fragile and need investment in time especially when you are dating someone you have never met in person.

Like any other relationship, a long distance relationship requires a lot of investment in time. There is no intimacy in long distance relationships and this needs to be taken care of very well so as not to kill the relationship. Use all the channels of communication that are available to you. With the internet you can communicate live with any person everyday. You can use emails, chat and even face to face communication over the internet. Having face to face dates online will be very effective even if you cannot hold hands with each other or take a walk in the park. Send him or her some e-cards, or even use the old school snail mail and surprise him or her with some mementos of the relationship. Exchange photos and capture interesting moments of your life even if you will not be together physically. With no communication in a marriage for a long distance relationship you will find yourselves becoming strangers with each other and this will kill the relationship.

If you are dating someone you have never met, it should be in one of his or her plans to meet in person. After all, if you are going to make anything out of this relationship you have to meet eye to eye. This involves traveling and planning but it should be one of the sacrifices you make for the sake of the relationship. Having said that, anyone who does not have a plan to meet the person he or she has been dating online may not want to have the long distance relationship in the first place so it is also good to read in between the lines.

When dating online, do not cheat. This sounds like the natural thing especially when you do not have the romance and the intimacy that you want. Believe it or not, when you cheat any person will notice. You will have less time for your facebook chats and your online relationship is bound to suffer in the long run. Do not have a third party in the long distance relationship as this will make the trust suffer. For a person you have never met, do not have one foot in the long distance relationship and one foot outside. Most people adopt this attitude because they are not sure of what will come out of it. It is expected that you will have the natural insecurities that come with having a long distance relationship but when you have such a relationship, make sure you do not adopt a wait and see attitude as this is a relationship killer.

Remember even when in long distance relationship, like in regular relationships, trust matters a lot. The relationship will only grow when both parties have trust in each other. Don't involve in activities that is bound to break trust later on.

A very important aspect in a long distance relationship, if you are dating, is the willingness to make that relationship long lasting. If you are dating just as a pass-time activity, don't do it at all. This is not only unethical but is also like playing with other's feelings. Always have some plans to meet face to face and set an appropriate time to ensure that meeting which both of you has been waiting for. Meeting will give a happy start to your relationship.

Long distance relationship is not like conventional relationships and both parties should embrace this fact. Give time to your partner or to be partner and show them that you care because it is not a relationship where your touch is enough to ensure other party that you really care; understand this fact and use other means like messages, cards, chats, telephonic conversations and others to show your love and care.

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