These little people are a blessing, but there comes a time in every parent's life that you just want to get rid of them, if only for a while. They may do cute little things and look at you with their little eyes but a kid will not understand that mommy wants to work or simply daddy needs some alone time. Parents who have kids and work from home have to deal with this all too often. They tend to throw tantrums when they do not get what they want too.

Granted, Kids will always be kids and you need to entertain them well so that you can deal with other things. Some of the ways you can do that is getting them to make their own art projects. If you are homeschooling your kids, you know which art classes they enjoy most, and you know the personalities of each of your kids. Getting them to make interesting art pieces when there seems to be nothing in the weather to favor their outdoor games is easy. Let every child explore his skills and talents in the arts and make sure everyone is doing something in his age brackets, coloring books may be good for your four-year old, but a six year old may not be so entertained by coloring books and collages are more like the things he may want. If you want to get time to do other things, you may want to keep the scissors and other things from them.

If you are having a party, there are hundreds of ways to entertain kids. While Halloween may not be anywhere near in the calendar, you may have a Halloween themed party in which all the kids will play dress up. Depending on the ages of the kids, you can have any theme to the party. Theme colors are great for any party, so be free to explore these options in d├ęcor among other things in the party. Get a bouncing castle and a trampoline for the kids and have someone watch them when they use it. This is a lot of fun too but do not forget to have some interesting video games for the kids as well. Getting them something cool to indulge their sweet teeth will be perfect, especially if you have kids who love sweet things. Kids love sweets but there are some new generation of sweets that are sour, which kids are fans of. You can make interesting party bags and give them out as favors for the kids in the party or simply one of the sweets you will serve the kids when they are in the party. Do not forget the clown too; they will get the kids in a party mood any day.

Some of the other ways of entertaining your little ones when you have them at home is getting them to make scrap books and stick on them mementos of their lives. Tell them to make them as decorative as possible and get them to compete against each other. One of the ways to inculcate a reading culture in the lives of your kids is getting them to start reading books when they are young. You can take them to a local library every once in a while to the children's section. Buy them books and tell them to read the book out loud. You can have a spelling bee and help them to have confidence as well as the ability to spell properly.

Have you ever tried to cook with your kids? Those poor eaters should have a hand in making food, to at least get them interested in how food is made or at least make them eat the food they have on their plates. You can let them have their way with the salad dressing or play cook in the other part of the kitchen alongside your cooking. You can let them decorate pizza with healthy options and decorative ideas as well. Getting kids' ideas into your cooking will make them feel special; that they had a hand in preparing the food that is in front of them. This may get them interested in cooking and who knows, you may inspire them into a career later on.

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