Amsterdam is arguably one of the finest cities of the world to canal cruise. In fact, it could be contended that the only way to really see this elegant city is on a Amsterdam canal cruise. A cruise offers particularly stunning panoramic views of the city that other, more mundane forms of transport fail to provide. There are a great range of cruises for a visitor to choose from, from an almost bewildering number of suppliers - options include a dinner cruise, a romantic candlelight cruise, or a pizza cruise. Here is just a small examination of a few possibilities for your ideal cruise of this city like no other.

Amsterdam has an impressive 160 canals. This is a genuinely unique city, after all, originally built on 90 different islands. This may help you to understand just how ideal and fitting a canal cruise is as a method of transportation around this exceptional city.

For flexibility, hop on hop off tours on the canals are recommended, as when you are especially struck by certain picturesque parts of charming Amsterdam, you can 'hop off', explore at your leisure, and 'hop on' again whenever it is convenient to you. You may be surprised by just how many different routes around the city can be taken by canal - there is a great, diverse range of options open to you.

A lunch cruise can reveal to you the magnificence of the city, but for something even more special, an evening cruise is strongly recommended. The highlights of Amsterdam, its wonderful buildings are architecture, are invested with exceptional grandeur when lit in the twilight. For a romantic experience, try a candlelight cruise on a glass roofed boat which grants you magnificent views. Perhaps just try a relaxing dinner cruise, with an exotic four-course meal.

If you wish for something that feels less formal and more lighthearted, perhaps a pizza cruise would suit. You are served a fresh Domino's pizza along with a drink and starter.

Conclusion: in fact, the range of cruises on offer in Amsterdam is overwhelming. The numbers of themed cruises available are innumerable. There are such unlikely themes to Amsterdam canal cruises as a Sushi workshop cruise and a Boom Chicago Cruise. However, evening cruises are probably the most enthralling way to see Amsterdam. There is something about the city's monuments lit in the twilight that really brings out the majestic splendour and elegance of Amsterdam as a whole.

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