Barbecue food is one of the healthy foods that people can eat. There are many people who barbecue various kinds of food. The common meat that is barbecued are the pork, beef and chicken. Some people may barbecue shrimp to. Vegetables too can be barbecued. A potato that has been on a grill will taste awesome. Barbecue is a party thing usually. As people gather for an evening party, it seems that the party is not complete without a grill and foods that are being barbecued. It is a great time to sit in the lawn and enjoy the hot meat that is being cooked and served.

People like filet mignon because it is a lean cut of meat and it is great to taste. This is one of the pieces of meat that has a taste of its own. Many people think that it is very difficult to barbecue a filet mignon. On the other hand, it is very easy and simple to make. In fact it is so simple that people do not know about it. The main reason for the simplicity in this dish is that the filet is tasty by itself and so there need not be any thing that is added to the dish.
There are only two things that need to be added to the dish and they are salt and pepper. A person will be able to make filet with this. There are various steps in the process of barbecuing a filet and this is listed here.

The first step in the process of barbecuing a filet is to take the filet out of the refrigerator. This should be done at least 45 minutes before the person actually starts the barbecuing. The reason for this is that the filet will be very hard as it was frozen. When the filet is cooked as it is, the outside of the filet will be cooked, but the insides of the filet will be raw and that cannot be consumed. To prevent this from happening, the filet needs to be thawed. As the filet is being thawed, you can rub a lot of black pepper into the meat.

Once the pepper is all rubbed into the meat, it is ready to be cooked. The advantages of cooking filet is that you have only less work to do, unlike the many other barbecues where there is a lot of work. Also, there is no need to marinate anything in the cooking of the filet. After the pepper is rubbed into the filet, there is only one thing to do and that is to place the filet on the grill to be cooked. You can cook the filet for about 5 minutes at a high temperature. This will cause it to have the marks of the grill on it. Once this is done, you can add salt according to your taste.

After this, you have to again cook the filet. This time, you do not need to cook it on a high temperature, but you have to cook it on a low flame. This can be done so that all the insides of the meat is cooked completely. The taste of the filet mignon barbecue is amazing. Any person who needs to eat it will be enthralled by the taste of the filet mignon barbecue.

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