The job of investment banking has been under the scanner in the last couple of years because of the recession and the investment policies of many banks. There are various aspects of investment banking that a person has to understand to become a regular person in the job. The investment banker is actually the person who is involved in the process of finalizing various deals with small and large businesses to expand the businesses. These deals between the various companies would involve the process of obtaining corporate loans. Other than these buying and selling shares in the various companies to expand the company or to fund for expansion.

The investment banker should be very alert and careful in all the deals because even the smallest of mistakes may mean a huge loss for various people. This means that a lot of meticulous work is needed for the banker. Proper communication and a lot of analytical ability by the person is also needed during this time for the deals to be made properly.

There are various steps that have to be followed by the individual to become an investment banker and these are listed here.

1. Education:

The education that a person has is the first important factor that needs to be thought about. The individual needs to be a person who is interested in finance related matters and also should complete an undergraduate course in the related field. Some of the various courses that can be completed by the individual in the process of becoming an investment banker are business administration, marketing, maths or economics. This will help the individual to be able to complete the relevant needs to become an investment banker.

2. Communication:

The communication of the person is also important. The person who does not have the proper communication skills will not be a fit person to become a part of this profession. This is because of the fact that the individual has to be a part of major deals and has to play a stellar role in various deals. To make this possible, the individual needs to be a good communicator.

3. Writing proposals:

Other than the communication skills, the person should also complete certain courses in writing proposals. This is also very important for the person to be successful in the profession. The proposals that are written should help in the various mergers and acquisitions of the companies. This is an important aspect of the job of the investment banker.

4. In depth knowledge:

The knowledge that the investment banker needs to have in this profession is very important. The knowledge of various companies, their strengths and the weaknesses are very important in the process of formulating various deals. In fact, if there is no knowledge about the company, then there could be many problems in the deals that are made.

5. Management degree:

The investment banker should also have a MBA or an administration degree for the person to be excellent in this job. This will help the person in making the right decisions and also in understanding the fundamentals of the company.

The job of an investment banker is very important and it will also help the various companies that are dependent on these people for the funding and also various other deals that will help them in expanding operations.

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