An information technology project manager is commonly called as a project manager. This is the person who is mainly involved in a project and leads a team for the completion of the projects. There are many IT companies that are present these days. Each country that has adequate education for the people is boasting of good companies. These information technology companies are able to survive mainly because of the projects that they get. The company consists of various people who are graduates in the Engineering stream of education and have completed their education in Information technology or computer science. These are the people who are members of the team and also the heads of the teams that complete projects.

There are various methods that have to be followed by the person who would like to become a manager of a project. These steps are listed here.

1. Education:

The education of the person is the most basic thing that will help in making the person a project manager. There are various kinds of educational backgrounds that the person can have. The main one is the engineering stream of education and the person should also be one who has completed the education in either the computer science or Information technology. This is usually a four year education. The education alone does not play a role in making a person into an information technology project manager.

2. Team member:

Every worker in a project has a potential to become a team leader in a future project. There are a lot of people who are not able to become team leaders because their performance in the team as a worker is not up to the mark. As they are not able to do their work diligently, they are always workers and not leaders. On the other hand, any person who is a team member will have the potential to become a leader If the person is a hard worker and an excellent worker.

3. Experience:

The team leader can be one who has been able to complete smaller projects on his own or with a small team. Though a small team may not be considered to be a great achievement, the potential team leader gets a lot of valuable information and education in the methods of solving various problems that a team may face in the work. Once an individual is trained and experienced as a small project leader, there is a huge potential for the person to become an information technology project manager.

4. Deadlines:

As a project leader or a project manager, the person has to work within the deadline and motivate the team members to work towards achieving the goal. The time that is taken to complete the project is very important and the individuals should make sure that they are able to get the whole work done before the deadline and the results of the project is submitted to the person or company that had given the project in the first place.

These are the most important factors that will help the person who is interested in becoming an information technology project manager, to become one. There are many more things tat the person has to do if he has to be successful in the profession that has been selected and once good projects are completed the manager will be able to get more laurels.

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