A recruiter is a person who is recruiting people for a job. The recruiter will be working for a company on a full time basis and will be hiring various people for various positions. The fact that companies have a high attrition rates has made it very important for the recruiter to select the right person who is concerned about the career in a particular company. The selected individual should be an asset to the company.

To make all these to be possible, the selection process is very important and the individual who is involved in selecting the candidates needs to be focused. This is the job of the executive recruiter. The recruitment process in various companies has undergone a sea change and the individuals who are involved in the recruitment process need to be well versed in the process of recruitment.

The steps that are involved in the person to become an executive recruiter are as follows.

1. Education:

The individual who is striving to become an executive recruiter needs to be a person who is educated in business management. This is important because the education in business management will help the person to identify the right needs in the company. Other than assessing the human resource needs, the person will also be able to identify the right person to fill the vacant position in the company. All this is possible with the basic business education that the person has.

2. Management degree:

It is also preferable that the executive recruiter is a person who has completed the education in business administration at the Masters level. The MBA should preferably be in the human resource management. This will help the individuals to be able to work in the position to the best of their ability. Most of the bigger companies appoint the recruiters and all of them prefer the person to have a MBA in human resource management.

3. Communication skills:

As in any other job, the individual needs to have a lot of communication skills to be good in the profession. There are some people who may not have the proper skills to communicate and this means that they will not be able to communicate with the other people in the company. This will not help them to be able to assess the needs in the company. An executive recruiter on the other hand will need a lot of communication skills to try to assess the need in the company. The skills will also help the person in the recruitment process and they will be able to find the right person for the right job.

4. Decision making skills:

The executive recruiter also needs a lot of decision making skills. The reason for this is that there may be many people who have applied for a job in the company who will have similar kind of background. The recruiter should select the right person based on various factors. This will need a lot of decision making skills that will help in selecting the right person.

These are some of the most important requirements that a person has to have in becoming an executive recruiter. Though education is important for this profession, there are a lot more qualities that are very important for the person to excel in this job and be an executive recruiter.

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