An auditor is a person who does a job that can be considered to be the work of an accountant. There are many differences though. The main difference is that the auditor is a person who reviews the work that has been done by the accountant. The auditor is also a person who is mainly involved in the reviewing of various other finances that are part of the activities of the company. The auditor has to make sure that the taxes are paid by the company according to the needs. So the person has to be well versed in company and tax laws of the land. Other than this, the individual also has to make sure that the various purchases made by the company and also all the other financial dealings of the company are in order. There are two kinds of auditors. One is the internal auditor and the other is the external or the independent auditor.

An internal auditor is a person who is mainly involved in the business dealings of the particular company and is working wither full time or part time in that particular company. This is because the salary for that person is being paid for by that company. On the other hand, a person who is a external or an independent auditor is a person who is mainly involved in the audit of the books of various companies as he is not attached to any one company.

The basic method in which a person becomes an auditor is the same whether the person finally decides to work as an independent auditor or as a internal auditor and the process is described here.

1. Education:

The education is very important and any person who would like to be an auditor should make sure that he is educated in school in the appropriate subjects. The ideal education would be in the subjects of mathematics and it should also include algebra and accounting. These are very important for the person to excel as an auditor. It would be better to have these subjects as the main ones in the higher education in college.

2. Accounting:

This is one of the important subjects that a person needs to study to become an auditor. The various methods of accounting are to be learnt by the individual to become an excellent auditor. Learning accounting will also help the auditor to learn about the mistakes that can be made in the accounting process.

3. Certification:

A person has to become certified to work as an auditor. There are various kinds of certifications that are available before a person can start practicing as an auditor. The individual needs to either get certified as a Internal auditor (CIA), or the person has to be certified as a financial services auditor. Some people will also be able to get certified as a government auditing professional.

4. Experience:

Other than the certifications, the person also has to make sure that he or she is able to get the relevant experience in the auditing. This is because the person will have to know the methods that need to be followed in the process of auditing. This can be learnt by the individual only when getting the relevant experience working as an assistant to an internal auditor in any company.

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