The job of an attorney can be grueling. There are various kinds of attorneys present, but most of them are involved in the process of becoming a partner in their firm. In fact some of them work each day for eighteen hours as they have to do such hard work to be able to become a partner in the firms they are working in. Unless they become a partner, they are not able to earn a lot and this is the main reason for them to be working so hard.

There are a lot of factors that are involved in the process of becoming an attorney. The fact is that though it is very tough to become an attorney, there are many people who are competing to become one. This has caused it to become very difficult to become an attorney. The basic education is very important in the process to become an attorney. These are listed here.

1. A undergraduate degree:

The individual who is striving to become an attorney should first try to get the undergraduate degree. This degree should be in subjects like political science, history and other such things where the individual needs to have a lot of knowledge and read a lot. If possible, the person should also be able to have law as an elective subject during the course of study as this will help in the person becoming an attorney.

2. Admission:

Once the basic education and the course in the undergraduate education is completed, the person should try to get admission into one of the many law colleges that are present. This is one of the toughest things to do mainly because of the competition that is present from thousands of other people who would also like to become attorneys! After selecting the law college, he individual may need to undergo an admission test and this will help the person to overcome the entry barrier. The Law School Admission Test is one of the major tests that a person may need to undergo.

3. Law school education:

Once the person who wants to become an attorney has gained entry into the law college, the person has to make sure that he is learning the subjects that need to be completed. The initial education will include those of general nature of laws. This could include those like contracts and constitutional law.

4. Experience:

The individual also needs a lot of experience once the education is completed. This will allow the person to become a qualified lawyer. There are many people who try to obtain clerkships in the summer as this will help them to gain valuable experience in working in their field. The individual will also be able to decide on the kind of area that they would like to specialize. This is another major advantage of a summer clerkship.

5. Bar examination:

Once the clerkships and the education in the law college has been completed, the person has to clear the next step to become an attorney. This involves clearing the bar examination. The individual may not be able to be accepted in the bar exam if the person has completed the law course through correspondence. So a regular education is very important for practicing law.

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