There are various roles that a staff nurse has to play in the hospital. As a person, she has to make sure that all the work is going on in a smooth manner in the hospital. Other than that, the staff nurse also has to make sure that the patients in the ward are having their medications and treatment accordingly. There are various other factors that have to be thought by the staff nurse, when working in the hospital. To be a successful person in the profession, there are various things that have to be thought about by the person.

The staff nurse has to have an adequate education to be a successful person. Then the nurse has to learn the skills to be the best in patient care. These are the two most important factors for a nurse to be successful. On the other hand, it is easier said than done. Though the education that is needed for the person to be a nurse is the same for every person, there are some situations which demand the nurse to be skillful in one kind of care and there are other times when the person has to be skilful in various other kinds of care. This keeps changing depending on the kind of patient that the nurse is dealing with.


The nurse has to be educated to the minimum level to be a staff nurse. She has to be a Bachelor level graduate to be a nurse. There are some nurses who get a diploma and they too can be staff nurses. The graduate level nurse will be a person who is at a higher level in the hierarchy than a nurse who holds a diploma. The education is not focused on one discipline because the nurse may have to treat all kinds of patients. The care may need to be given for a post operative patient, for a child or for a mentally ill person. This makes the staff nurse to be an all rounder who is equipped with enough skills to take care of any kind of patient.

The skills:

The staff nurse also has to have enough skills to be successful. Though the education is important, the skills of the nurse are much more important as she has to put all the skills into practice as she can then be able to excel in the job. There are various skills that make a staff nurse to be successful. She has to empathize with the patient. A staff nurse is the person who is spending a lot of time with the patient and so, the patient will share a lot of the pain with the nurse. So, she has to have enough ability to talk to the patient and make the person to feel better. Other than the mental betterment of the patient by talking, the care that the staff nurse provides to the patient is also very important. Adequate care in cleaning the patient and maintaining hygiene is one aspect of the care. Other than this, the staff nurse also needs to give the proper treatment including injections, medications and others on time, each time.

Each of these makes the person to be a better staff nurse. Learning the skills is a continuous process and makes the nurse to be very successful over a period of time.

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