A software developer is a person who develops new software, as the name indicates. There are various kinds of software that are needed for the functioning of various things. For example, software is what makes the smooth running of the train networks because of the plans and routes that are fed into the computer. Similarly, the aircraft networks are all fed into computers. Even in the field of medicine, various diagnostic equipments are all programmed in such a way that they are able to function, all because of the software that is present in them.

Software is nothing but the programs that are present in the computer. The programs that are written by the programmer becomes a software when it does a specific work in the computer or any other thing.

So what are the qualities of a software developer and how can the person become a successful person in the profession. There are actually many criteria that should be followed by the person and they are listed here.

Keep learning new languages:

The language or syntax that are used in the programming keep changing and the person needs to learn new programs for the person to be successful in the programming. One of the first languages was BASIC, the Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. This has changed over the years and there has been a plethora of new languages that have come in vogue. So the programmer or the software developer needs to keep updating his knowledge and learn many new languages to be successful in the highly competitive world.

Hard work:

The person also needs to do a lot of hard work. This is because the programs are usually written for a client by the programmer, either as a full time job or as a project. Whatever the job, the person will have to complete the project within the given time frame and the deadline. This is what will make the person to become better in the job. Any person who is lazy and does not get the program ready for the software to be installed will not be successful in getting any further contracts from the clients.


The commitment that has to be shown by the software developer also plays a major role in the success of the person. There are some people who are not very committed to their work and when this is the case, they can have an inability to complete the work before the deadline. This kind of attitude will not help the person to be able to be a successful software developer.

Sticking to deadlines:

The deadline is a very important aspect that has to be stuck to, for being successful as a software developer. The person who would like to be successful in the job of developing software or writing programs needs to make sure that the client who has given the job is able to get the job done right on time. This is because any delay in the completion of the project may cause a ripple effect and the people who are involved in the project may not be given their due for the delay. So, to be a successful person in the profession, the individual or team has to stick to the deadline for the completion of work.

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