A securities trader is a person who is involved in the trading of stocks each and every day. There are many people who are involved in the stock or equity markets in many capacities. There are some people who are involved in the daily trading of stocks and these are the people who are called as traders. Some of the other people who may buy equities, but do not trade with them each day are called as investors. There is a difference between the two categories of people. The investors are more patient and invest money for long term gains. The traders are those who buy and sell on a regular basis and are on the look out for the short term gains from the stock market.

There are certain methods that are needed to be followed for the person who is an equity trader to be successful in the profession. These are listed here.

1. No fear:

The person should not fear while trading. The person should instead have a calm and cool mind that is calculating in nature. There are some people who are very scared once they make a loss. This will never be the best idea because if the person is scared when the plan in any trading backfires is that the person will tend to make mistakes. As the mistakes occur, the person may tend to lose more money than he should have lost. The fear usually occurs when the person tends to make a huge loss. This in due course will force the person to make more mistakes that will finally end in a bigger loss.

2. No greed:

The person who is an equities trader should also not have any greed if the person has to be successful. Greed can also cause the person to lose all the money in a jiffy. Any trader in the equity market should be a person who is able to fix both a target and a stop loss for the equity that the person is going to trade in. The stop loss will trigger the alarm to sell the stock and the target that is achieved will also do the same. When the target is achieved, the person should book the profit and when the stop loss is triggered, the person should book a loss and come out of the stock to prevent the capital from shrinking further.

3. Decision making skills:

The securities trader is a person who will need to make split second decisions to sell or to buy stocks. These split second decisions may make millions for the person or it can cause the person also to lose millions. This should be kept in mind and the person should be alert at all times when the person is trading. The decision making skill is an important prerequisite for any person who is involved in the equity trading.

4. Research:

The person who would like to be successful as a securities trader is a person who needs to do a lot of research in the various aspects of the trading. Selling equity that is overpriced and buying the one that is priced lesser is one of the best methods of being successful as a trader in the equity market. To do his, adequate research is needed!

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