An instructor in the military college specialty is a person who is well versed in talking to the army people. There are various kinds of people who join the military and any person who is an instructor to these people needs to be excellent in the work that is being done. There are some prerequisites for a person to become an instructor in the military college and they are listed here.

1. Educational specialist: Any person who would like to teach others should be a specialist person. The person should be able to teach well enough with the various things like the use of assistive visual aids. This will help the people who are listening to be able to concentrate on what is being said to them. Though the military college teaching is more of practical oriented and the person needs to be on the move, there are certain parts of the instructions and maneuvers that need to be instructed through other media. This is one of the other important factors that have to be thought of by the instructor. Using various methods of teaching that is participatory in nature and also involves the various people will help them to become better instructors.

2. Fitness: The fitness of the individual is very important in the success as a military college instructor. The instructions that the person gives to the cadres who are recruited to become military cadets needs to be backed up with adequate amount of fitness. An instructor who is not fit will not be able to do the job adequately and the cadets will not be able to excel in the profession. So, the fitness of the person is one of the most important factors that need to be looked at in making the person successful.

3. Equipment use and maintenance: The instructor in the military not only has to teach the cadets, but he also has to tell them how to use the various military equipments that are being used. The use and maintenance of the various equipments forms an important aspect of what the cadets learn in the military. The reason for this is that they will be using them in various life situations. In fact if the people are not able to use these military equipment and firearms properly, they may end up losing their lives. To make sure that this does not happen, they should know the routine maintenance and use of these equipment. So the military instructor needs to know all about it to teach the cadets. So, to become a military instructor, the person needs to be an expert in handling and also explaining the various aspects of the equipments that are used in the military.

4. All rounder: The military instructor should not only be an expert in handling the various equipment, but the person must be a true all rounder. The individual must be an expert in various things like the motivation of the people who have joined the military. For most of the cadets who have joined the military, it will be a very new experience and instead of putting them down, the military instructor should make them tough and thorough bred professional soldiers. When the person has all these talents and abilities, he will become a successful military instructor.

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