An information technology generalist is a person who is involved in the field of information technology, but the person is not a specialist in any of the company's activities. This does not mean that the person is not high up in the hierarchy of the company. This is just another job. There are specialist information technology people who d a particular kind of job. These are the people who are involved in specific programming languages or specific aspects of the company.

On the other hand, there are some information technology professionals who are not specialists in any one particular aspect of the job. This may be considered to be disadvantageous for the people, but the truth is that the it is one of the most advantageous things because the specialist will be an expert in one particular job, but may not be able to do any other jobs. The information technology generalist on the other hand, is a person who could be a troubleshooter in any situation. The person may be able to identify the problems that are present in any situation and may also be able to rectify it. This makes them very sought after by all information technology companies.

So, what are the steps in becoming a successful information technology generalist?

1. Education: The education of the individual is the primary factor that decides on the profession of the person. After the school education, the individual should join any undergraduate course in information technology. There are engineering courses as well as other undergraduate courses that help a person to specialize in the field of information technology. So, this is what the person has to complete as a first step in becoming a part of this profession.

2. Interest:
The interest of a person is also very important. There are many IT specialists who are interested in only one aspect of the programming. There are some who may be interested in SAP, while others may be interested in C++. So, the people who are interested in these specific niches will become experts in them and will not be able to function as a generalist over a period of time. This causes the person to excel in the selected area. There are some information technology non specialists who are interested in other aspects of the company. These are the people who are interested in general aspects and are best suited for the job of a generalist.

3. Experience: The experience that a person has is also very important. Experience in various aspects of information technology will qualify a person to be a generalist in information technology. If the person is not experienced in all aspects of the job, but is an expert in one field, then he cannot become a generalist.

4. Management exposure:
The person who is in charge of various general aspects of the IT aspect of the company should also ideally have a management degree for the person to deal with various problems effectively.

5. Troubleshooting:
A trouble shooter is the person who will be able to identify the problems that may be present in the functioning of the various aspects of the information technology work and rectifying it. A person who is an information technology generalist should be able to do this as this will help the person to be a problem solver and also be successful in the job.

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