A human resource manager is a person who is mainly involved in the process of trying to get the right person for the right job in an organization. Every company or organization that is big enough with a large number of employees will need to have a good human resource manager to make sure that the right person is picked up for the job.

There are various activities, roles and responsibilities that a person will have in the company as a manager who is taking care of the human resource department. Since the department fully deals with the human resource, the manager of the department will be the ultimate authority in overseeing the picking up of the right person for the right job. The individual who is in that position will have to have certain traits to be successful in that position. They are listed here.

1. Analyze the skills of people:

There will be many applicants for any job. The skill of the human resource manager is in picking the right person for the right job. The skill set of each of the applicants for the jobs has to be looked at. The manager has to then make the decision to select the right person. There are various other factors that have to be looked at in the applications. The manager has to decide if the candidate will stay on in the company for a long term and this will decrease the attrition rate. Reducing the attrition rate is also another important aspect of the role of a human resource manager. The longer an employee stays in the organization, the better it will be for the company to prosper.

2. Providing adequate needs for the employees:

The human resource manager must also oversee that all the needs of the employees are taken care of adequately. This will help the company to be in the right position in terms of employee happiness and satisfaction. As more employees are happy, the company will prosper much better and the income generated by the organization will be much more than it is usual. This makes it very important for the human resource manager to analyze the needs and make sure that the needs of the best employees are met, so that they stick on to the company for a longer time.

3. Reducing dissatisfaction in employees:

There is sure to be some kind of dissatisfaction in the minds of many of the employees in the company. The human resource manager should also make sure that there is a reduced level of dissatisfaction among the employees.

4. Transfers:

If the company is a large one with many branches, then the need for transfers of employees between sister concerns may become necessary. This can be made by the human resource manager. The transfers should be in such a way that the needs of the company as well as the needs of the employee are kept in mind to prevent strife.

5. Personnel information:

The human resource manager will also be the person who is in charge of the various personnel information and his office is the place where the promotions are provided to the employees based on their performance. The performance of all the employees are tracked by the human resource department and the human resource manager needs to make sure that all the information is up to date and accessible when needed.

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