Religious leaders are many in number, but most of them do not have a high profile public life mainly because of the religious commitments. The rules and regulations of the sect also prevents them from leading a life that is in the public eye. This is one of the few professions in the world that people select mainly because of their beliefs and not because of the salary and other compensations that are involved in the job.

The work of a religious leader may not even be thought to be a job because of the fact that the religious leaders have a commitment for the society and their religion. Their main aim is to serve their religion and the society in whatever best way they can.

There are some simple steps that can help the person to become a religious leader. They are as follows:

1. Decision:

To become a religious leader is a conscious decision. Many people only think of the various other jobs and rarely think of a religious activity as their profession. So, the decision to become a religious leader is a conscious one. The decision is very important because if the decision is made for the person by other people in the family, the individual who has been pushed into religious activities will not only be able to perform it to the best of the ability, but the person will also become a bad name for the religion. This makes it very important for the decision to become a religious activist and leader needs to be a conscious one.

2. Religious books:

The person needs to be thorough in the religious books that are followed by the others in that particular religion. There are various religions that are present and each of them have various kinds of religious books. The Hindus have the Bhagwad Gita, the Muslims have the Koran and the Christians have the Bible as the major religious books. Similarly, all the other religions have their own books that they follow. Any person who wants to be a successful religious leader needs to be thorough in the religious book being followed in their religion.

3. Discourse:

The individual who would like to be a great religious leader also needs to be a person who is able to do a lot of discourse in the religion. This means that the person has to have the gift of the gab. Any person who is not able to give a discourse in religious matters may not be a right person who can be a leader in religious activities.

4. Leadership ability:

Any religious leader needs to have leadership qualities. This is because the person will be in the public eye for most of the time. Other than this, the person will also need to exude the leadership ability to the people in the same religion. This will help the person to have an authority among the other religious leaders and will make the person to become a leader among the leaders. The lack of leadership ability may make the person to become a dummy and just be another person in the religious sect, rather than being a leader.

These are the various aspects that a leader should have in any religion and this will make the person to become a great religious leader.

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