A Pharmacist plays an important role in the healthcare industry. The person is instrumental in making sure that the person who needs certain medications is able to get the right ones. The person is not only to do a lot of research into the various medications that are being produced.

The person who needs to become a pharmacist needs to work very hard mainly because the numbers of institutions that offer the courses are very less. This also makes it very difficult for the person to enter into the course. On the other hand, once the person becomes a pharmacist by completing the course, the remuneration is very high because of the lack of qualified people. This is the reason for many people trying to complete this course and work in a pharmacy.

There are various steps in which a person will be able to complete the Pharmacy course and the steps in the process are listed here.

1. Prerequisites:

The person who wants to complete the course in pharmacy will need to have a basic aptitude to become one. The person will also need to have a lot of skills in interpersonal relations. The reason for this is that the person may need to be in constant interaction with the patients who are there to get the medications. To make sure that the patient gets the right prescription medications, the individual needs to talk well to the patients. The person also needs to be alert and concentrate at all times because any mistake could kill a person using the drug and also cause various legal implications.

2. Trial:

Any person who would like to become a pharmacist needs to make sure that the person goes through a period as a volunteer in any pharmacy as this will help in getting a proper understanding on the job that has to be done.

3. Qualification:

The individual then decides on the course that is to be completed. There are various courses that the person can be part of. The cost of the education could be quite high. To make sure that the person is able to complete the course and get into the profession, the right course has to be selected. The usual course is a Pharm.D program that is offered by many institutions. The duration of the course also may vary from one institution to another depending on the requirements.

4. Testing:

The person who is interested in joining the course will be required to take a test and this is the PCAT. This is the admission test for all the pharmacy colleges. Once the exam is cleared and the course is completed, the person is all set to practice. There is just one more hurdle before that are that is to get the license to be able to practice.

5. Licensing:

This will help the person to be able to practice as a pharmacist. It would be best if you are able to practice in some company or pharmacy as an intern after the completion of the course as it would help you in gaining valuable experience that will be useful for you later on.

These are the various steps in the process of a person becoming a successful Pharmacist. It is a rewarding profession and any person who is successful in this profession will also have a lot of mental satisfaction.

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