A nurse anesthetist is one of the common professions these days. The individual who would like to become a nurse anesthetist needs to complete the nursing course before actually becoming a nurse who is an anesthetist. There are various steps that are present in the quest for a person to become a part of this profession.

1. Nursing course:

The basic schooling education is important in the person to become a nurse. The individual needs to make sure that he or she completes the basic school education with science as the subject. Other than the schooling, the person also needs to complete the four year course as a nurse. This is one of the first requirements in this process. Once the individual has completed the nursing course, the person is qualified to become a nurse anesthetist after completion of a further course.

2. Experience:

The individual who is having a nursing degree needs to have some experience too. The person needs to work for at least one year as a nurse. This is very important for the person to be able to take the next step in the process of becoming a part of the professional nurses group who can also work as anesthetists. The experience is also considered when the person applies to become a part of the league.

3. Masters Degree:

After the experience, the person who is a nurse has to complete a course in Masters level and this is what deals with all the various aspects of anesthesia. This is very important and the person needs to complete the Masters level education. Only this will allow the person to apply for the required certification in the course. If the person does not get the degree, then the certification cannot be got because the person will be ineligible for the same.

4. Certification:

The certification is very important before the person is able to practice the new job. Only a nurse with the adequate education and also the required number of years of experience is allowed to become a certified nurse anesthetist. Any person who does not have the required education or the required experience will not be able to get the required certification. The certification will require the person who is applying for it to be able to pass a national examination. This is the exam that tests the skills and the knowledge of the nurse in various nursing aspects, patient care and also on the various aspects of anesthesia. All these need to be completed by the individual before the person can work as a nurse anesthetist.

5. Continuing education:

Once the certification is completed, the registered nurse who is an anesthetist has the certification called as the certified and registered nurse anesthetist. Once this registration and the certification is completed by the individual, the next thing that has to be done is that the person has to complete at least forty hours of continuing education in the relevant field for the person to be able to be certified and also to continue practicing in the profession.

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