A Gynecologist is the person who is involved in the process of diagnosing and treating various problems of women's health. This is very important because the anatomy of women is different and there are various problems that they may face during the birth of the child and related to it. All these problems are taken care of by the Gynecologist

There are various steps in which a person can become a Gynecologist. Some of these are very important because if they have not been able to complete these steps, the person will not be able to become one.

1. School Education: The education of the person is very important. There are various phases of education and the school education is the one that is important initially. The child who is interested in entering medical school should make sure that he or she studies science in school. This is the foundation on which the child will be able to build the education. This makes the school education to be of primary importance. This does not mean that the child who has not been educated in science will not be able to enter medical school.

2. Undergraduate college:
The undergraduate college education of the individual is also very important. This is because this is the main foundation which will help the individual to be able to get over the tough medical course. The main subjects that can be considered by the individual before entering medical college include those like biology and other life sciences. This will help to build the base on which the person can learn much more.

3. Admission: The admission process to the medical college is also quite tough. The person has to make sure that the right medical college has to be selected and then the person has to try and appear in the exam that is conducted. Once the exam is cleared, admission into the medical college is possible.

4. Medical school: The medical school education has to be completed by the individual once the basic education is all completed. This is for a period of 4 years and could be quite tough depending on the basic education of the person. As the education in the medical school gets completed, the person who would like to be a Gynecologist needs to continue the education as a resident.

5. Residency: Once the basic medical education program is completed by the person, the next step is to make sure that the person starts on a 4 year residency program in gynecology. This is again a very important phase of the life of a Gynecologist. The reason for this is that the person learns all that matters for a Gynecologist during the time of the residency. So, this involves mainly practical exposure to the medical conditions and the resident is required to treat women with varying medical conditions.

6. Certification:
The person who wants to practice as a Gynecologist also needs to have the required license to practice and this can be obtained by the individual after completing a exam for the license. Once this is completed, the person will be able to practice as a Gynecologist in the state where the exam was cleared.

These are the major and most important steps in becoming a Gynecologist.

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