A psychiatrist is a person who treats people with mental illness. There are many people who suffer from various problems in the mind. Some of the people are suffering from depression, which is the mildest form of the various mental illnesses. There are many other people who suffer from various other severe illnesses of the mind. It is very important that a person who is suffering from various mental problems have immediate treatment. This is because if there is a delay in the treatment, then the person will have severe problems that cannot be treated easily. To make sure that this does not occur and the person gets over the mental problems, there is a need for the Psychiatrist to treat the people suffering from this condition.

The profession of a psychiatrist is very challenging and the affected person needs to be treated with great care. The job is a challenging one as some people will have major problems that are very resilient and cannot be treated very easily. To become a psychiatrist is not easy too. There are many steps that are involved in the process of becoming one. Read this article to learn how to become a practicing mental health physician.


The education is very important in the process of becoming a Psychiatrist. The person who needs to become one needs to have a basic education in the science subjects in school. This is actually the foundation for the person to study in the course. This is also important because of the fact that science is also required for the person to go on to medical school. After the schooling, the individual should go on to college, where the person needs to do a science course too. This is also important because of the fact that the science education will make the person to find it easy to learn in medical school.

Application and Exam:

While in college, the person needs to apply for medical school. This will help the person to make a path defining decision and once the individual has decided to go on to medical college, there is an admission test that the person has to complete. The medical admission test can be quite tough and the best people will be able to complete the test.

Higher education:

Once college is completed after the basic school education, the person has to go on to do college education. This is a 4 year course in medical school. The individual who is completing medical school will still not be a professional psychiatrist. For this, the person has to do a further residency education for a period of 4 more years. This is where the education process finally ends for the person.


Once the education is over, the person needs to get a license next. This too has a certification exam and the individual who wants to become a psychiatrist should clear the exam to get the license to practice.

Further specialization:

Once the education is over, the person can also try to complete further specialization. Some of the higher specialties that the person can select include pediatric psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and also forensic psychiatry.

Once all this education is over and the licensing process has been completed, the person who has gone through the whole process will be able to practice as a psychiatrist.

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