A financial advisor is a person who is able to sell products to the clients. As an advisor a person can work as a freelance finance advisor or the individual can work as a part of the company. Whatever the situation or place of work, the individual has to make sure that the main job of the individual is to make sure that the sale of various financial instruments is done to the people who would like to invest their money. The role of the financial adviser is that the person needs to identify the best products that can be sold and make sure that the product is sold to the investor.

In this situation, both the advisor as well as the client will gain. The client will get a better return on the investment and will gain. The adviser will earn money through the commissions paid by the investor for the advice.

There are several steps that need to be completed for any person to become a finance adviser. These steps are all listed here.

1. License:

The most important criteria that have to be gotten over are the license for the financial advice to be given to people. Any person who wants to advice other people on the finances should have cleared the licensing exam. This is a prerequisite. This is because only if the individual is able to clear the exam and get the license will the person be able to work in the profession. Even if the person who has appeared in the licensing exam, is not able to clear the exam, then the individual can retake the exam in a few days time according to the law and then once the exam is cleared, the person can join one of the various financial companies or brokerage companies as an intern.

2. Training session:

The person or the company that has taken in the person who has cleared the exam for the post of the financial adviser will give a lot of training to the person in various kinds of financial dealings and investments. This will help the individual to learn about the various high risk investments and the low risk ones. Other than that, the individual will also learn about the high return and the low return investments that can be made in various financial instruments that are available.

3. Working hours:

The individual who is wanting to become a financial adviser will need to put in a lot of hard work and effort. This is because only when the person is able to work hard will the investments be researched adequately. As more research goes in, the person will do a better job in the investment. This is what any company will want from the employees.

4. Passion:

The financial adviser is not a person who has a basic educational qualification and the work being built on it. Any person who is deeply interested and passionate about the work will be able to get the job done. This is the reason for the licensing exam being the only criteria for entry into the profession. So, any person who has a deep passion and interest in investing money of other people to make maximum gains will be able to become a financial adviser, which can be a rewarding profession.

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