The job of a Certified Public Accountant is one of the best in the accounting jobs. The job is commonly referred to as the CPA and it involves a whole range of responsibilities for the person who is involved in doing that job. Some of the well known jobs that the individual who is a Certified Public Accountant has to do include those like accounting, which is the primary job. Other than the account maintaining, the person also has to make sure that there is a lot of financial planning for the future. Other than this, the preparation of tax and also auditing are the major jobs.

Some of the methods that have to be followed in the process of becoming a Certified Public Accountant are listed here.

1. Education:

As the job description indicates, the person who is involved in this job needs to be an accountant. In fact the person needs to have an accounting degree. This will help the person to take the first steps in doing the job. Other than the accounting process, the person also has to learn a lot through hands on experience. In fact, for a CPA, the whole job is a learning process. The education will start with the degree that is go by the person in the field of accounting. There are also various other courses that will help the person to excel in the job and they include those like tax laws, business and other finance related education.

2. Certification examination:

The certification process is one in which the person has to clear an exam that will help the individual to practice the profession. The laws and the scrutiny of the applications are very stringent and the person needs to go through the exam to be able to get the license to practice. Even after obtaining the license, the individual will be able to practice in only the particular state where the license was got. The CPA exam is the one which certifies a person as a public accountant. There are also other exams that can be cleared by the person like the one created by the AICPA. These exams are not only to test the knowledge of the person taking the exams, but also to ensure quality in the practice.

3. Ethics:

There is also an ethics exam that an individual has to clear for the person to be able to work. This is again important because of the fact that work ethics are involved in this profession and unless a person is certified, they will not be given the job.

4. Continuous development:

This is another important aspect of the job. This is a profession in which there is a continuous development and the person who is planning to become a certified public accountant needs to be able to self develop in order to practice. This needs to be done at least for a few hours every year and attending these development programs will only enable the licensed person to be able to practice in a particular state.

5. Experience:

The experience that a person is able to get in on the job training in various firms is also important for the person to be successful in the profession. So any individual who needs to be a Certified Public Accountant needs to have adequate experience in the work in a well known firm.

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