Nowadays internet has become a part and parcel of our day to day life. We cannot imagine a day without internet. Although it's offering us all sorts of facilities and making our life easier than ever, it has some demerits as well. Many people are getting addicted to internet, especially to online chatting. Teenagers are getting so addicted that they are wasting hours after hours on doing nothing but chatting with friends via online messengers or social networking sites like 'Facebook'. Internet needs to be used more responsibly by all. It is a necessary tool and needs to be treated as such. If you are wasting too much time online, stop it right now. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid wasting time online by chatting.

• Stop multitasking. Most of the people do chatting while they are doing some other thing, like checking mails, reading blogs or studying online. Go one step back and just choose one task. Then you will find no particular time for unnecessary chatting.

• Uncheck the "automatic sign in" button of your messenger and also "remember my id and password". It often happens that you are not planning to chat with your friends but as you logged in automatically and one of your friends knocked you, you find yourself doing nothing but chatting though you are not intended to. You can also go for offline chat. It will help you to avoid unwanted chatting session with your friends. Never use your messenger for checking your e-mails. Go to the mail box direct through the browser. Instead of checking each single mail that bounce in your mail inbox, check e-mails once per hour or per half an hour.

• If chatting is your favorite past time then try to change it. Watch television, or read some interesting books, or listen to some good music. If you find it not as interesting as online chatting, then hang out with your friends in real and not online. Go to watch movies with them, or invite them to your place.

• Put yourself on a schedule. Do not go online unless it is really urgent. Never give your status "away" and keep the pc on. Turn off the pc unless you are working on it.

• If you are addicted to online chatting and miss your friends online, then call them over telephone. Telephone conversation can be a good alternative of online chatting. But remember don't get addicted to it either!

• If none of these work then uninstall your messengers and delete your entire friend list. It is worth doing so before it's too late.

Too much of anything is not good. Same thing goes for internet as well. It is a great technology, indeed it is. So it should be used for managing your time more efficiently not for wasting it. If you are wasting too much time online by chatting or by any other way, give it a thought. Try these tips. Hope it would help you.

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