An impulsive buyer is a person who goes on various shopping sprees. The person may be able to earn a particular amount of money, but the impulsive buyer will be spending more money than the person is earning. This can lead to a lot of problems. The person who is involved in this kind of buying will lose a lot of money and start going into debt. This can again cause the person to borrow money.

Even after borrowing money, impulsive buyers will go on shopping sprees and this can lead to further problems. Some people end in bankruptcy. There are some simple methods of avoiding this kind of shopping. One of the major reasons for people to go on these kinds of shopping sprees is because of the availability of credit. When the credit facility is voluntarily given up or forcibly cut off by the family members, the shopping or buying will end.

Some of the best methods of avoiding impulsive buying are as follows:

1. Avoid using credit cards:

The use of credit cards is the most important reason for people to go on shopping sprees. The lack of availability of these cards will be a great deterrent to the people who buy things beyond what they can afford. Since there is a high credit limit, many people buy things that they may not really want and then suffer because of the lack of money.

2. Do not buy on the internet:

If you are browsing through the internet, then you may find many things that are very attractive. The most important thing to remember about buying on the internet is that if you do not make an immediate decision to buy things, then you will be able to overcome the urge to purchase. This is the main reason for the person to avoid buying on the internet. Another important aspect about buying on the internet is that since there are so many things to buy, many are tempted to buy more on the internet.

3. Make a shopping list and stick to it:

It is very important for the person to make a shopping list before venturing out on a shopping trip. Other than making the shopping list, it is also very important to stick to the list and not buy more things as this can make the person start buying on an impulse.

4. Do not carry credit cards or more money:

Carrying a credit card will help to abet the impulse buyer. Other than this, if you are going on a shopping trip, then you should make sure that you carry only the amount of money that you will need to make the purchase of things in your shopping list. Carrying more money will also be similar to carrying a credit card and you may be tempted to buy many more things than you actually need.

5. Meet a therapist:

There are some people who may not be able to curb their ability to buy on an impulse. These people cannot overcome their desire to buy. This is because they may be suffering from a psychological disorder that is making them to buy the things. This will be overcome if the person is able to get adequate therapy or treatment with the help of a therapist who is able to give counseling.

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