A cruise is a travel by sea and this can cause a sudden sense of vomiting and nausea in many people. There are many who suffer from this condition because of the continuous swaying motion that occurs. The human balance is maintained by various sensory organs including the inner ear. The balance is changed as there are different impulses sent to the brain because of the swaying that happens when you are on a ship even on a boat.

This continuous change in the impulses to the brain causes the person to lose balance as the brain gets contradictory information and is confused. This leads to a feeling of nausea and also increases the vomiting sensation. Some of the methods that can help to control the feeling are listed here.

1. Peppermint: Peppermint is a mint that is a cross between the water mint and the spearmint. It is very commonly used in Europe and also in many other countries. It has high menthol content and is known to be an effective treatment for dizziness and vomit sensation.

2. Clean vessel: Make sure the vessel you are traveling on is clean. Usually, fuel and other liquids spilled on the vessel give off some odor. Avoid smoke as well as all these can trigger a sense of vomiting. These odors trigger dizziness and vomiting. Make sure the vessel is well ventilated. There are many people who smell fish when they are on a cruise and the strong smell of the fish and also seaweed make the person to be nauseated.

3. Drink a lot of liquids (water is the best) before and during the cruise. This will keep you hydrated and reduce the feeling of dizziness. Drink cola to settle the stomach but only if you are sure that you will not be affected by the fizzy drink, as even the fizzy drink itself can cause some people to become nauseated, while traveling.

4. Movement: Reduce head movement during the cruise. Sit in a central and comfortable position, keeping head on headrest. Keep your eyes focused on an external object. Also, avoid visual activities such as reading, watching movies and so on.

5. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol itself can cause dizziness and nausea. If travelling and the alcohol go together, then you are sure to have a very severe form of the condition and you should make sure that you avoid all this.

6. Keep medication on board. Be prepared! This can come in handy when all prevention fails. There are different medicines that are available, but these are usually even only if the natural methods have failed or if the person is suffering from a very severe form ad is vomiting uncontrollably. In these conditions, it is better to have a medical assessment done immediately to rule out if the cause of the vomiting and dizziness is not due to some other medical condition.

With all these in mind, I believe you can have a safe and exciting trip, devoid of dizziness and vomiting.

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